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Prometey Company on cooperation with OTP Leasing in unstable economy

26 July , 2023  

In an unstable economy, bank confidence remains an important component of doing business in Ukraine. OTP Leasing remains a reliable partner of Prometey.

The acquisition of freight transport through the leasing program from OTP Bank allowed the company to receive long-term investments in difficult military times.

As Andriy Pavlushin, CEO of OTP Leasing, explains: “Today we have 2.5 thousand customers. It is clear that first of all we try to support them and cooperate with them. A good example is the Prometey company. It has many elevators across the country. And when the company decided to increase the number of trucks, we helped them do it. And now this synergy pays off well – Prometey accepts grain at its elevators and has the opportunity to export it.”

As a financial institution, OTP Leasing faces different cases of payments. According to Andriy Pavlushyn, “in any case, one of the main factors is the integrity of the client. For example, we have not had any problems with Prometey, they pay for leasing on time.”

In the near future, Prometey plans to expand its grain carrier fleet to 100 vehicles.