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Rozetka has increased its network by 10% in year

26 February , 2023  

Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka, which lost 25 stores due to Russia’s military aggression at the beginning of April 2022, was able to increase its number by 10%, or 27 stores, a year after the war began.
“In February 2023, the company has 297 stores; in February 2022, it had 270. Most outlets are its own,” Rozetka co-founder Vladyslav Chechetkin told Ukrainian Forbes.
According to him, the company’s total turnover (GMV) in the fourth quarter of last year showed the best result ever.
“According to GMV in the fourth quarter of 2022 we showed the best result in our history. That is, Rozetka’s revenue and those funds for goods on the marketplace, which passed through the accounts of the company, showed an absolute record in our history, in UAH”, – said the co-founder of Rozetka.
However, the company’s profit in 2022 compared to 2021 decreased, he added, specifying that it is not about “raz,” but about “percent.”
As of the end of October, the company reported that it had 254 distribution points in 73 locations in Ukraine.
Online store of electronics and home appliances Rozetka was founded in 2005 in Kiev by Vladislav and Irina Chechetkina. In the following years the company was transformed into a multicategory online marketplace. In December 2022, Rozetka had a monthly traffic of 40 million people.
Revenues of (the main legal entity of Rozetka) in 2021 increased by 17.5% – to 21.17 billion UAH, while net profit decreased by 3.3 times – to 34 million UAH.
In the first half of 2022,’s revenues decreased by 28.7% to UAH 6.64 billion, while its net profit was close to zero, compared to UAH 26 million in the first half of 2021.