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Rozetka opens stores in Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka

Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka has opened stores in Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka, Rozetka co-founder Vladyslav Chechetkin told iforum2023 on Thursday.

“Yesterday we opened in Konstantinovka and Kramatorsk. We got stores there,” Chechetkin said.

According to him, before the war Rozetka in the above cities did not have them.

Chechetkin emphasized that the opening of stores in front-line cities is part of the company’s social mission.

“If you look at the map of military operations, you will see what distance from Konstantinovka to the front line is. For us, this means a social mission. Basically, we want to be near our customers, to help the locals who are constantly living in the war and also our military. Thus, we open even in the war zone,” the co-founder added to the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

He noted that Rozetka also operates in Mykolaiv and Kherson, which are regularly shelled by Russian occupation troops. In Kherson, the retailer opened on the third day after the de-occupation, but not all the stores that were there before the war are still operating in the city. In Nikolaev, the work of Rozetka has not stopped, Chechetkin said.

Online electronics and home appliances store Rozetka was founded in 2005 in Kiev by Vladislav and Irina Chechetkin, later the co-owner of the company became a fund managed by Horizon Capital. The company has now transformed itself into a multi-category online marketplace, but is also developing a network of its own stores, which stood at 297 as of February 2023, up from 270 a year earlier. In December 2022, Rozetka’s traffic amounted to 40 million people per month

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Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka launches operations in Poland

Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka has launched operations in Poland, Rozetka co-founder Vladislav Chechotkin said.
“Rozetka has started working in Poland. So far, we are in test mode: we are checking all the processes, filling the website with assortment, and setting up all the logistics links,” he wrote on Facebook.
Chechotkin noted that they are counting on both a large Ukrainian audience (more than 2 million Ukrainians live in Poland) and a local one.
“I am grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for making this possible! For the fact that a year after the start of a full-scale war, we not only survived, but can now develop our business. And to all our customers, for whom we have remained “just right every time,” he said.
Rozetka, an online electronics and home appliances store, was founded in 2005 in Kyiv by Vladislav and Irina Chechotkin. In the following years, the company transformed into a multi-category online marketplace. In December 2022, Rozetka’s traffic reached 40 million people per month.


Rozetka has increased its network by 10% in year

Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka, which lost 25 stores due to Russia’s military aggression at the beginning of April 2022, was able to increase its number by 10%, or 27 stores, a year after the war began.
“In February 2023, the company has 297 stores; in February 2022, it had 270. Most outlets are its own,” Rozetka co-founder Vladyslav Chechetkin told Ukrainian Forbes.
According to him, the company’s total turnover (GMV) in the fourth quarter of last year showed the best result ever.
“According to GMV in the fourth quarter of 2022 we showed the best result in our history. That is, Rozetka’s revenue and those funds for goods on the marketplace, which passed through the accounts of the company, showed an absolute record in our history, in UAH”, – said the co-founder of Rozetka.
However, the company’s profit in 2022 compared to 2021 decreased, he added, specifying that it is not about “raz,” but about “percent.”
As of the end of October, the company reported that it had 254 distribution points in 73 locations in Ukraine.
Online store of electronics and home appliances Rozetka was founded in 2005 in Kiev by Vladislav and Irina Chechetkina. In the following years the company was transformed into a multicategory online marketplace. In December 2022, Rozetka had a monthly traffic of 40 million people.
Revenues of (the main legal entity of Rozetka) in 2021 increased by 17.5% – to 21.17 billion UAH, while net profit decreased by 3.3 times – to 34 million UAH.
In the first half of 2022,’s revenues decreased by 28.7% to UAH 6.64 billion, while its net profit was close to zero, compared to UAH 26 million in the first half of 2021.

Rozetka provides its warehouses to companies for storing their goods

The largest Ukrainian online retailer Rozetka is ready to provide its warehouses to companies for storing their goods, the retailer’s press service reported.
“Due to hostilities, many of our colleagues lost warehouses where they could safely store their goods, and were forced to urgently evacuate them and look for new storage areas. We are ready to help and provide our logistics centers,” said Rozetka co-founder Vladyslav Chechetkin.
He emphasized that the most modern safety standards and sanitary and hygienic norms are observed in the logistics centers.
“Our warehouses are equipped with powerful IT infrastructure and alternative energy sources. We will be happy to work together!” – added Chechetkin.
As noted in the release, previously only marketplace sellers could use this service. For now, the service is available at warehouses in Kyiv and Lviv. The term of storage of goods is not limited.
Rozetka was founded in 2005 in Kyiv by Vladyslav and Iryna Chechetkin as an online electronics and household appliances store. In the following years, the company transformed into a multi-category online marketplace. As of August, 242 Rozetka points are operating in 71 settlements of Ukraine. The company opened stores in the de-occupied territories of Kyiv region, in particular, in Buche and Irpen



Sales of bicycles and electric scooters on the website of Ukraine’s largest online retailer Rozetka have doubled since the beginning of May, the company’s press service told Interfax-Ukraine.

“Apart from the annual growth in sales of goods in the spring, this season it is due, among other things, to difficulties with the supply of fuel for cars,” said Rozetka co-founder Vladislav Chechetkin.

He said that the peak of purchases of bicycles and electric scooters on fell on May 9-15.

“Probably, the first week of the month our customers hoped that the fuel shortage would end soon. However, the situation dragged on, and the weather on the street has improved in the meantime. Demand for environmentally friendly transport shows that Ukrainians Chechetkin believes.

He also said that since mid-May, the demand for courier delivery has grown.

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The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) in order to prevent monopolization of commodity markets has begun consideration of a number of concentration cases that will lead to the Rozetka marketplace owners’ gaining control over the EVO marketplaces.
In particular, the AMC is investigating the legitimacy of the acquisition by Temania Enterprises Ltd (Limassol, Cyprus) of shares in the charter capital of Uaprom and Aukro Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), (Russia), Project Dealbay (Belarus), and Advertising Agency (Kazakhstan), which will provide it with over 50% of the voting shares on the companies’ board.
The AMC said as a result of these concentrations the buyer (who owns the online trading platform) will gain control over the marketplaces of the acquired objects, namely,,,,,,,, etc.
The committee notes these cases are open for an in-depth study of the impact of concentration on the e-commerce markets, in particular the field of providing online services for trade in goods/services.
As reported, the Rozetka online supermarket and EVO group of companies plan to merge. As a result of the planned deal, Rozetka will buy out Naspers’ share in EVO, while the share of the EVO founders will be transformed into a share in the merged company.

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