Business news from Ukraine


20 April , 2020  

PrJSC Severodonetsk Azot, part of Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF nitrogen business, increased the production of mineral fertilizers 7.3 times in January-March 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, to 180,210 tonnes, the enterprise said in a press release. During the period, the production of ammonia nitrate amounted to 141,610 tonnes (6.3 times more), carbamide amounted to 32,030 tonnes, industrial aqueous ammonia was 2,810 tonnes (5.9 times more), urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) was 3,760 tonnes (twice as much).
“This year, the enterprise is gradually gathering pace after the restoration of the full production cycle and the start of ammonia production in March. The increase in the production of own ammonia made it possible to raise the production of mineral fertilizers, namely, ammonia nitrate, urea, UAN. Ammonia nitrate together with UAN remain the most demanded products. On the other hand, this year there was low rainfall, little moisture, and we see how demand for aqueous ammonia and urea is increasing,” the company said in the statement, citing chairman of the board Leonid Buhayev.
The company also said it is currently recovering, despite the special working conditions during the period of quarantine measures. All concluded agreements are fully implemented.
PrJSC Severodonetsk Azot is one of the largest Ukrainian chemical enterprises. It has been part of Group DF since 2011. The core business of the enterprise is production of mineral nitrogen fertilizers.