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Significant meetings of joint stock companies to be held in second half of February

12 February , 2024  

The second half of February 2024 is rich in shareholder meetings of large Ukrainian companies.

We have analyzed the calendar of shareholders’ meetings that are expected in the near future, with the largest joint-stock companies holding meetings in..:

12.02.24 – PJSC JSIC Dnister,
12.02.24 – JSC Bank Alliance,
12.02.24 – CHAO MHP,
12.02.24 – PJSC IC “Nadiyna”,
12.02.24 – PJSC Turbovskiy Kaolin Plant,
13.02.24 – PJSC Vovchansk oil extraction plant, PJSC
13.02.24 – PJSC Kropyvnytskyi Oil Extraction Plant,
13.02.24 – PJSC Research and Production Center “Borshchahivskiy Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant”,
15.02.24 – PJSC Poltava Oil Extraction Plant-Kernel Group,
15.02.24 – PJSC Poltava Grain Receiving Enterprise,
15.02.24 – PJSC Sukha Balka,
15.02.24 – PJSC Ukrpostach,
19.02.24 – PJSC Kontur,
23.02.24 – PJSC Dnipropetrovs’k Food Concentrates Plant,
23.02.24 – PJSC Metiz,
25.02.24 – PJSC STC “Electronprylad”,
26.02.24 – PJSC Korosten Chemical Engineering Plant,
26.02.24 – JSC Volodymyr-Volyn Agricultural Company,
26.02.24 – JSC Kharkivoblenergo,
29.02.24 – PJSC IC Inter-Policy,

The general meeting of a joint-stock company is the supreme management body of the company. The general meeting must be held annually, as it is a mandatory procedure in the company’s activities.
Traditionally, most of them are held in March, although the law allows holding a joint-stock company meeting no later than April 30.