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Khotel Solyushin: Key criteria when choosing high-quality hotel towels

In the hotel business, every little thing matters a lot. The choice of hotel towels is one of those aspects that can decide whether a guest will be satisfied and come back again, or whether they will find another hotel for the future. Towels are not just hygiene and comfort items, they are becoming an important part of the hotel experience. The quality of towels can determine the overall impression of a hotel and affect the reputation of the hotel as a whole.

“Hotel Solution, as a leading supplier of hotel textiles, holds a key position in the hotel industry. Our company understands the importance of every detail in the hotel business and offers services and solutions aimed at optimizing the guest experience and increasing the hotel’s competitiveness,” says owner Mariana Boichuk. “With a wide range of products and an individual approach to each client, we help Ukrainian hotels provide their guests with high-quality towels that meet the highest standards of comfort and safety.”

One of the most important aspects affecting the quality of towels is long-fiber cotton, which is one of the most popular materials for the production of hotel towels. It is known for its softness and high absorbency, which makes it an ideal choice for guests of any hotel. The long fibers of cotton make towels strong and durable, ensuring their resistance to wear and frequent washing. In addition, cotton towels absorb moisture well and dry quickly, which is an important factor for guests’ hygiene and comfort.

In addition to cotton, there are other materials used to produce hotel towels. For example, polyester towels can be very effective in absorbing moisture and drying quickly, and they can have a more consistent color and fewer wrinkles after washing compared to cotton towels. However, polyester towels can be less soft and less pleasant to the touch, which can affect guest comfort.

Another alternative material is bamboo, which is known for its environmental sustainability and softness, but may be less durable compared to cotton. Additionally, microfiber towels may be lighter and quicker to dry, but they may be less absorbent than cotton towels.

Quality is also affected by the density of the hotel towel material, which determines its softness, fluffiness, and comfort when used. Towels with a higher density usually feel softer and fluffier, which makes them more pleasant to use. In addition, such towels can provide better moisture absorption and faster drying after use. However, it is important to maintain a balance between density and softness, as towels with too much density can look and feel too heavy and coarse.

Another key characteristic of hotel towels is their ability to absorb moisture effectively and dry quickly after use. This is especially important in the hospitality industry, where quick service and preparation of rooms for new guests is an advantage. Towels with high moisture absorption efficiency allow for faster drying of the guest’s body and a less damp feeling. At the same time, the drying speed of towels affects their hygienic quality, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and freshness for every guest.

And what about laundry and towel bleaching for hotels? After all, this is also an integral element in creating safe conditions for guests to stay in a hotel. For example, the use of chlorine to bleach hotel towels can have certain negative consequences for both guests and the environment. First, chlorine can cause allergic reactions in some people, especially those with sensitive skin. Chlorine can also leave residue on towels after bleaching, which can lead to skin irritation or even allergic reactions.

In addition, the use of chlorine in the process of bleaching hotel towels can have a negative impact on the environment. Chlorine emissions can be released into the environment, contaminating water sources and harming various species of plants and animals.

That is why alternative bleaching methods are available. Alternative methods of bleaching hotel towels can be used to reduce the risks to guests and the negative impact on the environment. One of these methods is the use of biological agents such as hydrogen peroxide or enzymes, which effectively remove stains and brighten the fabric without the use of chlorine. These methods are safer for guests and the environment because they are less aggressive and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Another alternative method is the use of ultraviolet light, which can be used to bleach fabric without the use of chemicals. This method is effective in removing bacteria and stains, ensuring high hygienic quality of towels without the risk of allergic reactions or negative environmental impact.

Still, checking the quality of hotel towels is a crucial step in the process of choosing the right supplier. First of all, it is important to make sure that the towels meet the requirements of quality and safety standards, such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 or other international certificates. These certificates confirm the absence of harmful substances in textile products and guarantee their safety for the health of consumers.

In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of materials and seams. Towels should be made of high-quality long-fiber cotton, which ensures softness, moisture absorption and durability. The quality of the seams is also of great importance, as they affect the service life of the towels.

When choosing hotel towels, it is important to take into account the needs of the hotel itself and the preferences of its audience. For example, an upscale hotel with a higher class of service may require higher quality towels with an exclusive design and exquisite details. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the colors, texture, and sizes that match the overall style of the hotel and meet the requirements of its customers.

For business hotels or hotels with a simplified service, medium-quality towels with a more practical design and affordable prices may be suitable. It is also important to consider the number of guests staying at the hotel to ensure that there are enough towels for all customers.

Considering the needs of the hotel and the type of its audience will help you choose the perfect hotel towels that will meet the requirements of quality, convenience and aesthetics, contributing to a positive guest experience.

Choosing quality hotel towels will play an important role in enhancing the overall guest experience and meeting their needs. When guests stay at a hotel, they expect high quality service and comfort. High-quality towels made of soft long-fiber cotton not only provide comfort during use, but also contribute to the overall feeling of coziness and luxury.

Using high quality hotel towels can also help enhance a hotel’s reputation and increase customer loyalty. Guests will remember the positive experience of using high-quality and comfortable towels during their stay. High-quality towels can become part of a hotel’s unique image and help it stand out from the competition.

In summary, the choice of quality hotel towels determines not only the comfort and satisfaction of guests, but also the image and reputation of the hotel. High-quality towels made of long-fiber cotton provide softness, high moisture absorption and coziness for guests. They are an important component in creating a positive first impression and improving the overall hotel experience. The right choice of towels can increase the level of comfort, hygiene standards and guest satisfaction, which in turn will help to improve the hotel’s rating, increase customer loyalty and competitiveness in the market.

Hotel Solution, as a leading supplier of hotel textiles, offers a wide range of quality hotel towels that meet the highest quality standards and ensure comfort and guest satisfaction. We understand the importance of the right choice of hotel textiles for the successful operation of the hotel and are always ready to provide professional advice and support in choosing the best solutions. With Hotel Solution, your hotel will get the best value for money, which will help improve the level of service, enhance your reputation and successfully develop your business.


Textile solutions to enhance guest comfort

In today’s world, the hotel experience of visitors is becoming not just an accommodation, but a unique journey into the world of comfort and health care. The importance of these factors in the hotel industry is hard to overestimate. Guests are increasingly expecting not only a standard set of services, but also the opportunity to enjoy real coziness, maintain their health and feel at home.

“To create coziness, textile solutions play a key role in turning a hotel room into an oasis of comfort. From the quality of materials to functional properties, every element of hotel textiles is designed to create a pleasant atmosphere and satisfy guests’ needs for comfort and care for their well-being,” – says Mariana Boychuk, owner of Hotel Solution.

Hotel Solution is an expert in the hotel textile market in Ukraine, providing a complete solution for hotels as a textile manufacturer and professionally advising our partners on how to choose textiles depending on the budget and strategy of the hotel. We are a reliable partner in the hotel industry because we carry out a full production cycle, control quality at every stage and adhere to the standards of the hotel industry.

Why do hotels choose Hotel Solution? We import specially designed fabrics that are durable and retain their appearance for a long time. We have our own sewing production, which allows us to provide an individual approach and attractive pricing. We understand the needs of our partners and do everything necessary to create competitive advantages for them.
We provide comprehensive solutions and provide the room stock not only with bed linen and towels, but also with blankets, pillows, beds, mattresses, upholstered and cabinet furniture. Hotel Solution has equipped more than 200 hotels in Ukraine.

Careful selection of materials in hotel textiles is the first and most important step towards ensuring guest comfort. The use of hypoallergenic fabrics for hotel duvets, sheets, pillowcases and towels, not only prevents irritation, but also creates a safe space for relaxation. Ergonomic solutions, in turn, are aimed at maximizing guest satisfaction. From the shape of the pillows to the density of the materials, every detail is designed to meet the anatomical features, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and support during your stay.

Ensuring guest safety is the most important aspect in the modern hotel industry. Hygiene and environmental friendliness are becoming increasingly important criteria for choosing hotel textiles for business hotels. Such hotels usually strive for high standards of cleanliness and adherence to environmental principles in their operations. Textile materials must meet hygiene requirements, ensuring safety and comfort for guests. In addition, it is important that textiles are made from environmentally friendly materials and meet the requirements for sustainable production. Textiles with antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties are becoming a key element in maintaining cleanliness and health. Innovations in laundry and hotel linen care are raising hygiene standards. Specialized methods and products not only ensure perfect cleanliness, but also extend the life of textiles, making guests’ stay as comfortable and safe as possible.

To confirm the compliance of hotel textiles with hygienic and environmental standards, it is important to obtain the appropriate quality certificates. These certificates confirm that the production of textiles is carried out in compliance with all the necessary safety and quality standards. The most common certificates for textile products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which confirms the absence of harmful substances, and ISO certificates, which guarantee compliance with international quality standards. Obtaining such certificates confirms the high quality and safety of hotel textiles.

Innovations in the textile industry bring comfort to guests’ accommodation through heat regulation and ventilation. Modern textile materials from which we produce hotel duvets sheets, towels and other hotel products – have a unique ability to regulate the thermal regime, adapting to individual guest preferences. Adaptive textile solutions allow hotels to create comfortable spaces in different climatic conditions, providing ideal conditions for relaxation at any time of the year.

Emphasizing the importance of key aspects of improving comfort and health through textile solutions in the production of blankets, towels, bathrobes and other hotel textiles, we can talk about how advanced technologies and adaptive materials demonstrate how textiles are becoming an important factor in ensuring a comfortable stay for guests in a hotel. In the future, as guests become more aware of the impact of the environment on their health, innovations in this area will not only continue to improve living conditions but also have a positive impact on public health. Thanks to the constant development and implementation of advanced technologies, textile solutions will continue to play a key role in creating a cozy and caring space for guests.
Hotel Solution, in turn, always follows all the innovations in the world of high-quality and environmentally friendly fabrics for the production of hotel textiles and strives to always stay in trend to produce only the best products for its customers.

To learn more about our company and all our activities, please visit our website

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Can Ukraine become sweet spot on global mining market?

Andrii Gorokhov, CEO of private equity umgi

The extraction of minerals in Ukrainian deposits has always been perhaps the most profitable sector of the domestic economy. And even now, in the conditions of war, Ukraine’s mining industry is actively developing thanks to the support of businesses and communities. On the other hand, the strategy of protection and steady growth of the industry at the legislative level is in development. So it is quite natural that international investors show interest in this sector even today.

umgi has been investing in the sector for over 17 years. Comparing our practical experience of developing mining companies in 5 countries of the world, I would like to highlight the main advantages of setting up a mining business in Ukraine.

On the importance of communication

To begin with, Ukraine has considerable potential in the extraction and processing of strategic and critical minerals, but achieving success would require our country to become more visible on the global market. The largest players of the international market are indeed guided by reputable analytical sources in their decision-making. For example, these include an annual survey of mining companies by the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank. The research presents a general index of the attractiveness of a country, which is based on the assessment of mineral potential and the perception of state or local policies by companies in the extractive sector. The downside, however, is that Ukraine is not included in this study at all. That is, we realise that one of the primary tasks for the promotion of Ukraine on the world stage is spreading the word about the high potential of our industry. International investors should see why it is profitable for them to invest in the Ukrainian mining industry instead of choosing some other country.

In general, according to McKinsey & Company, the above annual survey tracks 15 drivers of the extractive industry, which can be roughly divided into 4 priority groups:

  1. Access to geological resources/data (data quality, openness, maps, etc.);
  2. Comparison of business expenses for capital investments and operational activities;
  3. State policies (taxation and tariffs);
  4. Access to experts in the mining sector (availability of skilled workforce).

There is a sweet spot determined based on the best combination of these drivers, i.e. the so-called group of countries with a high level of mineral resources and government policies favourable to the development of the industry. The countries of this group include the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Finland, and Morocco. And there are no obstacles for Ukraine to be on this list soon: we have more than enough objective advantages.

So, why Ukraine?

Given that our company researches mineral investment markets in all corners of the world every year, I can confidently say that Ukraine has great indicators in many of the above parameters. Firstly, we have high-quality mining resources. Secondly, favourable economic factors play a prominent part, including the resource location (i.e. transport costs, ease of export) and price forecast for target minerals and technologies (mineral extraction challenges). Taxes are only one indicator, and perhaps a less important one given the location-specific nature of mining investment. Comparatively, for example, the relatively low cost of land (one of the largest investment costs) and labour (one of the most important operating costs) are of key importance in making investment decisions.

I will dwell in more detail on these and other competitive advantages of Ukraine.

Let me stress that almost all geological information is digitised and public. This means that industry experts are constantly updating the details of research into areas rich in mineral deposits. However, data related to critical minerals that are labelled “For official use” are still restricted. For our part, we support the disclosure of this information to all investors.

The next advantage is that, unlike many other countries, Ukraine keeps inventory records. Therefore, during mining processes, information is available about the extent to which the deposits are depleted. We also have maps of ownership of land plots and ecological zones. And this is really a very effective toolkit for further work to analyse investment projects.

Among the economic factors, we should highlight the cost of labour, which is lower in Ukrainian mining compared to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe by 55–65%. The level of taxes in Ukraine also plays an important role in making investment decisions. If we compare the cost of energy resources, they are also cheaper in Ukraine than in some other neighbouring European countries, and this also gives us an advantage. This is primarily due to excise taxes, as they are lower for energy resources compared to other countries. Here we can also add the cost of land — here, too, Ukraine is highly competitive among other countries for international investors. For instance, in Ukraine, the average cost of land where you can extract minerals is about $3,000. At the same time, the average cost of land in Poland is up to $40,000. Paradoxically, in India, this indicator reaches $60,000. Naturally, there are some cases where certain owners want to get much more. This is normal, because it is a market and every owner is entitled to their own expectations.

One of the criteria used to evaluate the prospects of mining projects in a particular country is the availability of land. And here Ukraine also has an indisputable advantage because of its mechanism for the forced redemption of land plots for public needs. This allows to somewhat align the demands and individual expectations of the owners. It is possible to get a fair price in court because there is a regulatory assessment procedure. The so-called availability of land opens up opportunities for the extraction of any and all minerals, whereas in most other countries, the list of such minerals is limited and clearly defined, or the forced redemption of land plots is prohibited altogether.

What will help Ukraine join the sweet spot group?

According to McKinsey & Company, in order to be desirable for investments in the extractive industry, countries can use various incentives to attract exploration companies. The primary incentives include:

– Money or subsidies (direct financing);

– Foregone revenue: indirect state aid where the state neither allocates funding nor assigns certain taxes;

– Favourable permit and supervision procedures, availability of high-quality public data.

Another rather interesting and relevant issue, which is closely scrutinised today due to its importance for investors, is the possibility of establishing the rule of law. This is what Argentina did years ago: they established a legal framework to allow investors to sue businesses, local authorities and even the state in other jurisdictions.

Obviously, we realise that there are considerable risks associated with the subsoil use, and therefore investments in mining, in Ukraine. This is not only about financing, taking into account military risks. There are also geopolitical, regulatory and workforce (availability and level of expertise) considerations; fluctuations in market prices, etc. However, a considerable list of risks does not mean that doing business here is inadvisable. It just highlights what we have to work with. Some things can be mitigated, others cannot be helped, and certain tasks require the support of the state. Furthermore, now our Government and the Parliament are implementing many positive changes that should make life easier for subsoil users.

Thus, as we can see in general, Ukraine has very good indicators from the perspective of the investment climate across many parameters. Even when it comes to critical materials, investors see profitable prospects even today. Because any development begins with a new demand. And then comes the strategy together with the vision, followed by large investments and great competition on the world stage.

On August 17, UkrainianGasOpen 2023 Forum: Production. Transportation. Storage. Sales

On August 17, 2023, the UkrainianGasOpen 2023 Forum: Production. Transportation. Storage. Sales”, where the topic is developed with a focus on key aspects of gas production and sales in Ukraine during a full-scale war. The Forum is organized by EnergyClub and the Association of Gas Traders of Ukraine, partners – Ukrainian Energy Exchange, Zakhidnadraservice Group, All-Ukrainian Industry Association “Federation of Employers of Oil and Gas Industry” and Yuriy Nagornyak, general information partner – Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

Time of the event: 10:00-14:00

For the third time, the Forum will become a communication platform for an open public discussion that will bring together representatives of relevant government agencies, industry legislators, players in the Ukrainian gas sector, specialized associations and leading media to discuss trends in the gas industry during the war, including production, transportation, storage and sale of natural gas.

The relevance of the Forum is driven by the increasing changes in the development of the Ukrainian domestic gas market in times of war; the focus of the Ukrainian market on the possibilities of ensuring Ukraine’s energy security under martial law; and the active review of global trends in the development of the gas sector in Europe and the world.

The Forum’s program includes two panel discussions on the following topics: the goals set by the President of Ukraine to increase natural gas production and create conditions for energy independence; development of the Ukrainian gas market in the context of war; global trends in the gas sector in Europe and experience of exchange trading in Ukraine.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with colleagues during the official and informal parts of the event. The Forum will be followed by individual press interviews with speakers and networking.

Among the speakers: Andrii Gerus, Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities; Kostiantyn Ushchapovskyi, Chairman of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (invited); Mykola Kolisnyk, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine; Oleksiy Chernyshov, Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine (invited); Oleh Tolmachev, Acting Acting Director General of JSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya; Roman Malyutin, Head of JSC Ukrtransgaz; Vadym Rybachuk, Commercial Director of LLC GTS Operator of Ukraine; Yuriy Nagornyak; Stepan Kozytskyi, Director General of Zakhidnadraservice; Oleksandr Romanyuk, Acting acting CEO of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya (May 22 – January 23); Dmytro Malyar, CEO of D.Trading; Tetiana Riabukha, Chief Advisor on Energy Markets Development at Ukrainian Energy Exchange LLC; Volodymyr Onyshchenko, Rector of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University; Ruslan Magomedov, Head of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC).

Media partners: Weekly magazine “Energobusiness”, Glavkom, UA.NEWS, Energoreforma, Nadra.Info, Center for Economic and Political Studies “Razumkov Center”.

The program and additional information on participation in the Forum is available on the website:

Venue of the Forum: Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5 Alla Tarasova Street).

Participation fee: for representatives of EnergyClub member companies – free of charge; for representatives of companies from the gas sector – UAH 5 000.00; for embassies, government agencies – free of charge (subject to pre-registration and confirmation by the organizers).

Accreditation of media representatives: participation of media representatives in UkrainianGasOpen 2023 is free of charge subject to pre-registration and confirmation by the organizers. One of the key conditions for registration is the creation and publication of material about the Forum on your website.

To confirm the publication or broadcast of the news about the Forum, please provide the link to the Forum:

For electronic media – a link to the published material;
For television or radio – a recording of the broadcast;
For print media – a photo of the published material or an electronic version.
This stage is an important part of the accreditation process. We look forward to your cooperation and understanding.

Media accreditation by phone: +38 068 459 3641 (contact person: Varlamova Inga).

Open4business is a media partner



Ukrainians are urged to thank the defenders: when meeting, put your palm to your heart.

Life is gradually returning to the rear cities of Ukraine. The further away from the front line, the calmer each day can seem to us, and the faster we try to return to everyday life and put things in order. And it is easier to forget that the war is ongoing.

Bringing cities back to life is important. Finding an opportunity to comfort yourself and your loved ones is essential. However, the most important thing is to remember, thanks to whom we can do all this.

Every such day we are indebted to our military and veterans, rescuers, and doctors who continue to defend the country. So today it is more important than ever to thank them for this. When you see defenders, put your right palm to your heart — a simple and natural gesture of gratitude that will speak for you.

In order for as many people as possible to learn about it, Veteran Hub, together with the provid agency, renewed the communication of the #ZavdyakyTobi (thanks to you in Ukrainian) campaign with a series of new videos and digital materials, in which combat participants were involved. So during filming, the actors thanked them with absolute sincerity in every take.

We can confidently say that this entire campaign was created thanks to them.

The gesture of thanks #ZavdyakyTobi appeared in 2018, and today it has become even more appropriate. When it is difficult and awkward to choose words, a hand on the heart will show your respect.

We invite you to support our campaign by thanking our defenders not only in person but also on your social networks. To do this, put the hashtag #ЗавдякиТобі in the posts and download materials for your content at the link:

Veteran Hub

Ivona Kostyna — the head of the board of Veteran Hub

Artem Denisov — the executive director of Veteran Hub

Halyna Alyomova — head of the Veteran Hub communications department

Lesya Nikolyn — Veteran Hub Partnerships Manager

Victoria Denisova — designer of Veteran Hub

Anastasia Rodomazova — Veteran Hub communications manager

Antonina Khabulya — Veteran Hub communications manager


Yurii Duma — executive director

Vlad Galyapa — creative director

Maryna Bosko — project manager

Joy Films

Oleksandr Stratienko — director/operator

Dmytro Khasanov — the second director

Vitaly Kukshin — producer

Anna Obraztsova — costume designer

Olga Bukhanska — make-up artist

Danylo Dubrovskyi — production designer

Tetyana Usenko, Ksenia Shershnyova — casting

Dmytro Perevalov — director of the group

Dima Shevchenko, Yevhen Kasamara  — location management

Tymofiy Gerashchenko — gaffer

Andriy Karpets — focus puller

Mykola Shchepotin — sound

Ilai Trufakin — playback

Vlad Konstantinov, Vitaly Kukshin — post-production


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and many new and promising projects appear on the market, bringing new tokens and coins. More and more people are willing to be a part of the crypto industry, or at least to engage with trading. On the one hand, there is nothing complicated about trading – you buy assets at a low price and sell them when the rate boosts. However, if things were that easy, probably everyone would become a trader and gain a fortune. The fact is that there are many pitfalls in crypto trading, and every beginner faces difficulties.

Some crypto platforms offer a demo account to help you feel confident when making deals with crypto. Crypto demo trading is a simulator that allows you to practice trading without the risk of losing real money. Such demo accounts offer virtual assets that have no value and cannot be cashed out. They circulate only in the demo environment. You can try various trading strategies without fear of losing assets.

Let’s talk about the benefits of demo crypto trading.

Why is crypto demo trading so good?

  1. Even experienced traders often miss details of their trading strategy and face difficulties. Demo account helps both novice and experienced traders practice and learn their strategies thoroughly, check out all the possible pitfalls, and learn to cope with them skillfully. Practice is the core.
  2. It may happen that when you come to exchange and deposit your money, you find yourself totally lost among all the variety of tools and features. Having practiced before, you will definitely feel more confident and handle all the trading instruments quickly.
  3. Many factors affect the rates of crypto assets, and during demo trading, you will learn to understand the market fluctuations. Moreover, you will learn to cope with emotions and maintain a cool head when making decisions.
  4. Crypto exchange is the easiest process on crypto platforms. Practicing a demo account, you will thoroughly learn other trading instruments like spot, margin, p2p, etc.

The White BIT platform offers a demo account option. It is the easiest crypto exchange for novice traders. It offers over 400 crypto pairs and numerous trading tools. You can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency as well as store it on the platform and receive a percentage for it. It is called “staking,” and it allows to receive passive income. WhiteBIT allows to trade with leverage (borrowed funds), spot trading, p2p, etc.