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State Customs Service warns of transition to NCTS electronic transit system from December 1

20 November , 2023  

The electronic transit system NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) Phase 5 will be applied from December 1, 2023, the State Customs Service of Ukraine reported on Telegram on Monday.
“Ukraine continues to confidently prove its ability to fulfill the obligations undertaken when joining the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure: from December 1, 2023, we plan to switch to the use of NCTS Phase 5,” the agency quoted Deputy Head of Customs Vladislav Suvorov as saying.
Earlier, on August 17, the State Customs Service announced the postponement of the start of NCTS Phase 5 for two months (until November 1) to give businesses more time to prepare for the new system and requirements for filling out transit declarations.
At the time, the agency indicated that the transition to NCTS Phase 6 is scheduled for June 2025.
“Despite the military actions, we not only met the deadline, but will also help other countries to pass international testing (Mode 3),” Suvorov said.
According to the National Coordinator for Common Transit, Alina Brendak, the new system is currently being tested with brokerage software developers. She emphasized that NCTS Phase 5 will interact with companies through brokerage software, and the current “Trader’s Portal” will no longer be used.
The State Customs Service noted that in Phase 5, companies will have the opportunity to detail information about goods at the level of house consignment notes (the so-called House Consignment level), which is relevant for consolidated cargo.
In addition, it is noted that the agency will develop new guidelines for companies on entering information in transit declarations, taking into account the specifics of NCTS Phase 5. At the same time, all the rules and principles of common transit and transit simplifications remain relevant and in force.
The State Customs Service is also working on the possibility of providing businesses with an alternative tool for filling out and submitting transit declarations and interacting with the national electronic transit system NCTS Phase 5 – an IT solution similar to the current “Trader’s Portal”, the release said.
As reported, in January 2023, the State Customs Service published specifications for software updates by brokerage software developers ( In August, national developers were granted access to the ARI to test messaging with NCTS Phase 5. The State Customs Service says it is actively working with the relevant teams to ensure the readiness of brokerage IT solutions.
NCTS is one of the 17 customs IT systems that Ukraine has to implement to join the EU, and so far the only one implemented by Ukraine. The implementation of the IT system involves not only its installation but also its synchronized development together with other countries party to the Convention. The draft law was developed to fulfill Ukraine’s European integration commitments in the customs area, the Ministry of Finance said.
Earlier, roundtables were devoted to customs reform, where the event’s organizer and moderator Maksim Urakin stated that the State Customs Service provides 35-40% of state budget revenues, and these figures have remained stable in recent years. That is why customs reforms are so important for the country.

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