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Germany hands over Skynex air defense system to Ukraine

Germany has handed over a new military aid package to Ukraine, which includes a new Skynex anti-aircraft artillery system and ammunition, the German government’s press service reports.

In addition, ammunition for the Patriot and IRIS-T SLM systems, as well as for Leorard 2A6 tanks, was transferred.

The aid package also includes 10 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 2 TRML-4D radars, 9,080 rounds of 155 mm ammunition, 2 WISENT demining tanks, 1 Biber bridge-building tank, 3,350 combat helmets, and 30 drone detection systems, 10 GO1 ground surveillance radars, 10 Zetros trucks, 3 8×8 HX81 tractors and a semi-trailer, 34 other vehicles, 305 MK 556 assault rifles, 0.75 million rounds of ammunition and 1152 winter camouflage nets.

In the future, it is also planned to transfer 4 IRIS-T SLM anti-aircraft missile systems, 1 more Skynex air defense system with ammunition, 20 drone detection systems, 26,850 combat helmets, 41 Mercedes trucks, 4,695 MK 556 assault rifles, 0.45 million rounds of ammunition for firearms and 8,000 anti-tank mines.

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President of Ukraine thanks USA for supply of Avenger air defense system

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the United States for a package of assistance, including Avenger air defense systems
“Thank you Joe Biden and friendly U.S. people for showing solidarity once again – an aid package including Avenger air defense systems and missiles for Hawk air defense systems. Together we’re building an air shield to protect Ukraine’s civilians. We’re bringing victory over the aggressor closer!” He said on Twitter on Thursday evening.

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