Business news from Ukraine


Naftogaz Ukrainy and a group of companies Clear Energy as part of a joint project launched a biogas power plant operating on Saturday at the landfill in Veliki Gribovichi in the Lviv region, according to NAC.
“Development of low-carbon businesses is a strategic choice of Naftogaz. Thanks to the biogas power plant built here, 38 hectares of landfill emitting millions of cubic meters of harmful landfill gas will become a source of energy for surrounding households,” said Yu.
The plant produces 2.645 million kWh per year, replacing more than 800,000 cubic meters of natural gas. “This allows us to provide green electricity to about 735 households and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions by about 30,000 tons per year,” said Peter Bagriy, co-founder and head of the Clear Energy Group’s supervisory board.
Vitrenko stressed that it is very important that even in the difficult conditions of the war, the company still continues to develop and implement such projects. “According to our estimates, this facility will not release more than 2 million cubic meters of methane, which is 30 times more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide,” he added.
In addition, the report notes, landfill gas, which is formed during anaerobic (no air access) decomposition of organic waste residues (food residues, leaves, twigs, etc.), is also one of the causes of fires and explosions in landfills, and now this risk will be eliminated.
“The opening of this facility is the next stage in the reclamation of the landfill, the next stage in ensuring the environmental safety of residents of Lviv and the region,” said the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky.
Lviv Mayor Andrei Sadovy, who also took part in the opening ceremony, reminded that the city is implementing the reclamation project in Velykyi Gribovichi thanks to the support of European banks. According to him, technical reclamation is currently underway, which includes the construction of a system for collecting, preparing and disposing of landfill gas with the generation of electricity.
The plant is equipped with Austrian Jenbacher equipment used in biogas projects throughout Europe.
Biogas is collected with the help of wells, which are evenly distributed on the body of the landfill, and a system for collecting surface gases. Currently, 29 vertical wells to a depth of 12.5 m and 4 horizontal wells have been drilled at this landfill. From each well there is a pipeline (loop) to the gas collection point.