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Spanish investor claims loss of more than UAH 20 mln due to raider takeover of company by its Ukrainian co-founder

Spanish citizen Angel Miguel Cerezo Gallardo estimates losses from the raider takeover by the Ukrainian co-founder of the Selecto Markets company, of which he is a co-founder, at UAH 20 million.

As the Spanish citizen said at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Tuesday, together with Ukrainian partners, he planned to develop a chain of grocery stores in Ukraine with the supply of products from Spain and other European countries, created the Selecto Markets company, invested in first store in Kyiv, delivered equipment and goods.

According to him, one of the co-founders of the company from the Ukrainian side was Maksym Marshchivskyy, who at that time headed the distribution direction in the Furshet retail chain. The co-founders, among other things, planned to supply European products to Ukrainian retail chains, as well as develop their own network of Selecto Markets stores.

However, according to the Spanish investor, Marshchivskyy, without any reason, refused to pay for goods imported from Spain and other European countries by the Spanish businessman’s companies, stopped paying local suppliers, blocked the Spanish partner’s access to the company’s accounts and documents, and also “decided to personally manage the company and re-register for himself.”

In turn, Cerezo Gallardo’s lawyer Hennadiy Borysychev noted that law enforcement agencies “are in no hurry to enter information about criminal offenses under Articles 219 and 191 of the Criminal Code into the unified register of pre-trial investigations, as well as to investigate them.”

“We will have to go to court to declare the investigators’ inaction illegal and in court to oblige law enforcement agencies to initiate criminal proceedings,” he said.

Borysychev clarified that the matter concerns the actual raider takeover of the Selecto Markets company by Marshchivskyy.

The lawyer also noted that, according to information available to Cerezo Gallardo, Marshchivskyy is currently abroad, presumably in the United States.

“Any country that is at war, especially with a nuclear state, is not very attractive for investment. But if you add to this the fact that law enforcement and government agencies cannot protect investors, it can lead to bankruptcy of the state,” he said.

“We want to use the example of this case to prove that justice and law enforcement agencies really work in the country, that it is really possible to invest in our country,” he said.

According to the lawyer, representing the interests of Cerezo Gallardo, he intends to “take other steps to stimulate the investigative authorities in a legal way so that they actually investigate these cases.”

In turn, another co-founder of Selecto Markets, Eugene Zhevagin, said at the press conference that since the start of the full-scale invasion, Cerezo Gallardo “not only did not leave Ukraine, but is actively helping it, supplying humanitarian aid, ambulances, and medicines.”

“He doesn’t just invest money, he helped and is helping everyone who needs it, he believes in Ukraine. We really hope that by making this case public, we will get a positive result,” Zhevagin said.

The Spanish investor contacted the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Ukraine to assist in a fair resolution of the case.

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In London there will be conference “Rebuilding Ukraine: Renewal on basis of research”

A conference titled “Rebuilding Ukraine: Research-Based Renewal” will be held in London on May 15-16, co-organized by the Presidential Foundation for Education, Science and Sports Support, according to the official portal of the Ukrainian president.
“The Presidential Foundation for the Support of Education, Science and Sport together with the Royal Society of London and the University Political Engagement Network (UPEN) will organize the conference “Rebuilding Ukraine: a renewal based on research,” the press service said in a statement on Wednesday.
The event will reportedly be held May 15-16 in London. The conference is aimed at supporting Ukrainian scientists, strengthening and developing long-term cooperation between government and academic institutions of Ukraine and Great Britain.
“For the first time in the history of Ukraine’s independence, the Royal Society of London will support Ukrainian scientists in conducting research that will form the basis of policy development as part of programs to rebuild our country,” the president’s press service notes.
The conference will be attended by a number of scientists from Ukrainian and British universities and relevant deputy ministers who will present priorities for research that will form the basis for making decisions related to the economic challenges and needs of Ukraine during and after the war in terms of health and well-being, planning “green” recovery and human development.
The academic community of Ukraine will be represented at the conference by representatives of the Odessa National Medical University, Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukrainian Catholic University, Kiev National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kiev National Shevchenko University, and American University Kiev.
“Since the level of complexity of the challenges and conditions in which Ukraine is now developing exceeds all typical tasks, we really need better minds and a culture of interaction. In the future, a pool of talent and an “economy of trust” will play a special role in Ukraine’s recovery. That is why from our side the conference will be headed by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Economy”, – said Olga Budnik, advisor – commissioner of the President of Ukraine on the Foundation for Support of Education, Science and Sports, which is quoted by the press service.
The first day of the conference will be held in the form of panel discussions and debates, the second day – in the form of round tables with experts who will form the further plan of joint actions.
The event is sponsored by Universities UK International, Research England and the British Council with the support of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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II Scientific and Practical Conference “Green Construction” will be held on April 13-14, 2023

II Scientific and Practical Conference “Green Construction” will bring together leading experts and business representatives in the field of environmentally friendly construction

On April 13-14, 2023, the II Scientific and Practical Conference “Green Construction” will be  held.


The event will bring together representatives of government agencies, education and science, NGOs, business, top managers, leading experts, journalists and stakeholders in the field of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly green construction.

The event will be held in a mixed mode, participation is free of charge.

Conference materials along with the application form (attachment) should be sent by e-mail to

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish materials that do not meet the requirements for formatting or are of an abstract nature, as well as to make minor edits to the received materials. Authors receive an electronic version of the conference materials.


Kyiv Regional Council; Subcommittee on Urban Development, Improvement and Land Relations within the Development Area of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development and Urban Planning; State Enterprise “Research, Design and Technological Institute of Municipal Economy”; Odesa State Environmental University; Lviv Polytechnic National University; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”; Yuriy Potebnya Engineering Education and Research Institute of Zaporizhzhia National University; Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Kramatorsk); Academy of Construction of Ukraine; Academy of Technical Sciences of Ukraine; Art Studio 22 ART HUB; National Union of Journalists of Ukraine;
International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA); The Agency for the Reconstruction of Ukraine; Czestochowa University of Technology; Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction; Georgian Technical University; Experts Club.

The time limit for a presentation is 7-10 minutes.

Contact phone numbers of the conference organizing committee:
Olena Zhukova +38(096)8752104, +38(063)8136063;
Tkachenko Tatiana Mykolaivna +38(067)353-38-77, +38(066)529-91-36

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A joint art project and art therapy program were presented at a conference in Poland

In March, the University of Łódź hosted an international scientific conference “Between the Reality of War and the Rhetoric of Peace”. The event was held under the patronage of the Voivode of Lodz and the Rector of the University of Lodz. This conference is a part of the Polish-Ukrainian art project aimed at popularizing the works of war artists, holding exhibitions of their works abroad, and publishing books about them as a way of their adaptation in peaceful life after the victory and overcoming the consequences of PTSD.

Aneta Pavlovska, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and History of the University of Lodz, Doctor of Science, Professor, who chaired the conference, emphasized the relevance of the project and spoke about the first such experience, the organization of 7 exhibitions of photographs by Captain Serhiy Belinsky, a press officer of the 28th separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign, a famous musician and art photographer. Two catalogs of his works were published, scientific articles were written, and a monograph on Serhiy’s work in peacetime and wartime is currently being published at the Institute of Art History of the University of Lodz.

The following report was made by Yulia Ivashko, Doctor of Architecture, Professor at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, and press officer Serhiy Belinsky by phone from the Bakhmut direction.

The reports by Anastasia Urakina, a graduate student at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, and Agnieszka Gralinskey-Toborek, a doctoral student and professor at the University of Lodz, were directly related to the events of the war in Ukraine.

Anastasia Urakina presented a program of psychological rehabilitation and art therapy for people affected by the war, developed jointly with the Kyiv think tank “Experts Club“. The program primarily involves group work, which will be led by professional psychologists. Classes will be held at the “Experts Club“.

Anastasia Urakina’s theses on art therapy methods were a continuation of Ms. Agnieszka Gralinskay-Toborek’s discussion on which works of war survivors can be exhibited without harming the person, and which are only part of PTSD treatment.

It is worth noting that for the first time, Polish scholars had the opportunity to ask a Ukrainian artist at war questions live. Aneta Pavlovska asked how it is possible to remain an artist in the face of danger even in war. Serhiy answered that he has been in the army since 2021, he is used to it, his camera is always with him, and it is no less important for him than an information war with the enemy.

Yulia Ivashko showed a presentation of Serhii’s photographs and spoke about future plans to expand the circle of artists at war. The same point was emphasized by the Director of the Institute of Art History, Doctor of Science, Professor Piotr Gryglewski.

There were 18 presentations aimed at highlighting the work of military artists who experienced their own experiences, and the topic of war in art was also covered. Lukasz Sadowski, PhD, from the W. Strzemiński Academy of Arts in Lodz, highlighted the evolution of propaganda in Russian military painting.

Justyna Kobylarczyk and Dominika Kusznierz-Krupa, PhDs, professors at the T. Klczyuszko University of Technology in Krakow, who organized an exhibition Old-New Town at their university, showing Ukrainian cities before and during the war, said that such projects are needed.

Andriy Dmytrenko, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor of National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”, highlighted the evolution of artistic messages during the war in Ukraine.

The conference ended with the presentation of the book “And the Light in the Darkness Shines” by Serhiy Belinsky and Yulia Ivashko about the war in Ukraine, published by the Krakow-based Impuls Publishing House.

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Italy plans to hold conference on Ukraine’s reconstruction on April 26

The Italian government plans to hold a conference on April 26 with the participation of Italian companies on the reconstruction of Ukraine, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said.
“Today, together with the G7 foreign ministers, I announced that the government will organize a conference for the resumption of Ukraine on April 26 with the participation of Italian companies. Our commitment to peace and freedom for the Ukrainian people continues,” Tajani wrote on Twitter on Saturday.


In April, Italy will organize conference with its own business companies on reconstruction of Ukraine

Italy will organize a conference involving its own business companies on Ukraine’s reconstruction in April this year, Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni said.
“We talked today about the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and about the Fast Recovery Plan, that is, the reconstruction now … In Italy a conference will be organized about the reconstruction in April of this year. We will work on its organization. Italian companies have the know-how and the competence to provide, because Italy wants to play a significant role in the reconstruction of Ukraine – starting now,” Meloni said at a press conference with the President of Ukraine in Kyiv.
She stressed that Italy can do a lot in this context because it has tremendous experience in many strategic areas like infrastructure, transportation, energy, agriculture, food, etc.
“Our know-how will be able to give an opportunity and the right signal: what was destroyed will be restored,” said the Italian prime minister.
In addition, she said, holding the international exhibition Expo 2030 in Odessa, where Ukraine has applied, would be a special signal to Europe, namely: “Belief that everything will be fine in Ukraine.”
Also, as Meloni noted, Italy already provides support and assistance to Ukraine in the field of protection of cultural heritage.

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