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DIM apartments can now be bought under the “eOsela” program

Bank-partner of the state program on affordable lending SKY Bank accredited for participation in the program “eOselia” housing complexes of DIM company, houses No. 4 and No. 6 in LCD LUCKY LAND and house No. 3 of LCD “Metropolis” in Kiev, reported in the press service of the developer.

“SKY BANK JSC welcomes the beginning of cooperation with the leading developer of the capital’s real estate market and continues to implement the strategic mission of the state preferential mortgage lending program “eOselia”, making it affordable for citizens to buy housing at the construction stage,” – quoted in the release Director of Retail Business, member of the Board of SKY BANK JSC Vladimir Chernenky.

Managing partner of DIM companies Alexander Nasikovsky said that DIM regularly receive requests from clients about the possibility of buying an apartment under the state program “eOsel”.

“Everyone should have a house – we are sure of it. Since the beginning of the year we have commissioned more than 1,000 apartments and are actively working on developing comfortable conditions for the purchase of housing for our clients, including working with the state program of affordable housing loans,” said Nasikovsky.

Lucky Land (Berkovetskaya Street, 6) is a residential complex of comfort class, designed as a multifunctional district with developed infrastructure. It assumes 23 buildings 13-14 floors high, 5183 apartments in total, with guest parking for 2,5 thousand and underground parking for 356 cars. Under the program “єOsela” available for mortgage one, two- and three-bedroom apartments with the area from 41 sq.m. in the house № 3, which has already received a certificate of readiness, and houses № 4, № 6, which are scheduled for commissioning in the third and fourth quarters of this year.

You can also buy an apartment under the “eOsel” program in building No. 3 of the Residential Complex “Metropolis” (ak.Zabolotnogo, 1), its planned date of commissioning in the third quarter.

Also available on “eOsela” apartments in the completed housing estate “New Autograph” (Kn. Roman Mstislavicha (Generala Zhmachenko), 26).

As reported, the program of affordable mortgage lending “eOsela” has worked in Ukraine since October 2022. For a preferential mortgage at 3% per annum for up to 20 years with a down payment of 20% of the cost of housing can be claimed by contract servicemen of the AFU, employees of the security sector and defense, medical workers, teachers, researchers.

From August 1, 2023, war veterans, combatants, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and citizens who do not have their own housing larger than the standard area can apply for participation in the “eOsela” program at 7%.

Eight partner banks are integrated into this program: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Globus Bank, Sky Bank, Ukreximbank, SENS and Bank Credit Dnipro. You can apply for participation in the program in the mobile application “Diya”.

As of April 30, the volume of loans issued under “eOsel” reached UAH 14.9 billion, loans were issued for 9613 families. At the same time, 2.9% of apartments were purchased on the primary market, 71.7% – on the secondary market, 25.4% – from developers.

DIM Group was founded in 2014 and consists of six companies covering all stages of construction. To date, it has commissioned 12 houses in six residential complexes with a total residential area of more than 218 thousand sq. m. Six residential complexes of “comfort +” and “business class” category are under construction: “New Autograph”, “Metropolis”, Park Lake City, Lucky Land, A136 Highlight Tower, Olegiv Podil.

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Ukrfinzhytlo intends to increase eOsel loans disbursement to UAH 2 bln per month

The government and PJSC “Ukrainian Financial Housing Company” (Ukrfinjitlo) have significantly increased the financing of the program “eOsela”, thanks to which the monthly issuance of loans will increase from 0.7-0.8 billion UAH to 2 billion UAH, and a minimum of 10 thousand families will be able to get a preferential mortgage by the end of the year.

“We have seen how great demand for this program is among people. They want to build their lives in Ukraine despite the war. Therefore, the government with Ukrfinzhytl found opportunities and attracted additional funds for the program – both on the open financial market and credit,” the Economy Ministry release on Wednesday quoted First Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Yulia Sviridenko as saying.

The release specifies that “those who were rejected for lack of financing can reapply to Dia.”

As reported, from January to the end of May, due to lack of funds, the implementation of the program “eOsela” was suspended.

“There are funds to finance 10 thousand families until the end of this year. This is about 11.9 billion UAH, as envisaged by the financial plan. Of these already for 2.8 billion UAH issued affordable mortgages from the beginning of 2023”, – specified to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” in the press service of Ukrfinzhitlo.

As reported, the program of affordable mortgage lending “єOselia” has worked in Ukraine since October 2022. On a preferential mortgage at 3% per annum for up to 20 years with a down payment of 20% of the cost of housing can qualify for contract servicemen of the AFU, security and defense sector workers, medical workers, teachers, researchers. Since its launch in 2022, partner banks have already issued more than UAH 3.4 billion in loans to more than 2.4 thousand participants.

Since August 1, to apply for participation in the program “єOsela” at 7% can be war veterans, combatants, IDPs and citizens who do not have their own housing more than the standard area.

Chairman of the Board of Ukrfinzhitlo Eugene Metzger emphasized that for a mortgage at 7% borrowers can choose an apartment in a house not older than three years at the time of the contract, or under construction. “We focus specifically on the primary real estate market. It is important that “eOselia” can give the economy a positive multiplier effect, and this is possible only thanks to the push of construction”, – says Eugene Metzger.

Six partner banks take part in the program “eOselia”: Oschadbank, Privatbank, Ukrgasbank, Globus Bank, Sky Bank and Ukreximbank. You can apply for participation in the program in the mobile application “Diya”.

At the end of 2022, the government additional capitalized Ukrfinzhytlo by UAH 30 billion through the issue of internal state loan bonds (ISLBs). According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko, such financing is enough to issue 12-15 thousand mortgage loans in 2023.

At the end of April, the Ministry of Economy, as the single shareholder of Ukrfinzhytlo, approved repo operations with these government bonds for up to a year in the amount of UAH 15 billion. Later it was reported that the rate on these transactions could be up to 20% per annum, while the government bonds themselves were issued for up to 5 years at 19.5% per annum.

In addition, on August 3, Ukrfinzhytlo’s supervisory board approved an increase in PrivatBank’s loan secured by the company’s government bonds to UAH 1.5bn.

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