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All Reconstruction is Local: forum on the eve of Ukraine Recovery Conference

On June 11 and 12, the German government, in partnership with the government of Ukraine, will host the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2024) with the aim of supporting Ukraine’s economic and social recovery from Russia’s war of aggression.

On the day before URC2024 begins, GMF will convene 200 representatives from Ukraine’s municipalities, cities, and regions, as well as civil society actors, philanthropists, and business and media representatives from Ukraine and its partner countries to explore the local dimension of reconstruction, recovery and reform. Under the theme All Reconstruction is Local, the pre-conference aims to investigate the following questions: What are the benefits and limitations of city and state twinning as well as regional cooperation models? How can improved cooperation be fostered between national and local reconstruction plans rather than competition? What are the human capital and project management needs at the local level? How will access to finance and insurance be distributed at the local level? How can EU regulations, sustainability and the highest transparency standards be ensured locally?

The agenda will feature discussions looking at concrete partnership models aiming to support Ukrainian cities and regions but will also dive deeper into specific policy areas including rebuilding the local energy sector, anti-corruption efforts and the question of local ownership vs. wartime centralization. Speakers at the event will include both policy makers from the United States, Europe, and Ukraine, as well as civil society and private sector representatives. Some of the sessions of the event will be live-streamed and therefore also available to an online audience, while other sessions will take place under Chatham House rules to enable an open and honest discussion among participants.

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On June 12, forum “Grain. Pigs. Meat”

Grain – Pigs – Meat is a value chain that can increase the added value of up to 6 billion euros per year and even more, as opposed to grain exports, which leave almost no added value in Ukraine.

The Forum of the same name “Grain. Pigs. Meat – 2024” will be held in Kyiv on June 12.

Mykola Babenko, chairman of the Forum’s organizing committee and head of the Meat Industry Association and the Center for Efficiency Improvement in Livestock, said: “There are many mechanisms for filling the budget with taxes. Stimulating the production of industries with high added value is the best one, we are convinced of that. For example, grain exports bring almost nothing to the budget, while grain processing into bioethanol, feeding pigs with bioethanol production waste, and pork exports account for hundreds of percent of added value in Ukraine, billions of euros on the same grain that is exported. Six billion euros of added value can be gained annually by Ukraine’s economy just by quadrupling the number of pigs in Ukraine to the level of 1991.”

Stimulating the development of high value-added industries, such as pig and meat production, could provide an alternative domestic market for Ukrainian grain. Currently, the pig industry consumes only 2 million tons of grain, but it is capable of consuming 10 million tons annually.


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Forum “Grain. Pigs. Meat-2024” will be held on June 12


On June 12, Kyiv Golf Center will host a business forum that has already become traditional – “Grain. Pigs. Meat – 2024”.

This is a grand event that brings together all areas of the country’s food security – grain business, pig farming, meat industry, retail and related industries – to resolutely overcome the challenges of today, and creates coalitions at all links of the food chain – from a grain in the field to a finished meat product on the consumer’s table.

“Grain. Pigs. Meat-2024 provides its participants with a unique opportunity to learn how to increase their profits, presents real tools for obtaining added value, offers an alternative to blocked grain exports, introduces leading industry experts, producers and processors, suppliers of equipment and genetics, informs about innovations, current trends, financial and technical opportunities.

This year the following issues will be discussed:
– Prospects for the development of the Ukrainian grain market through the prism of the pig and meat industries
– Possibility of replacing grain exports with exports of meat and value-added meat products
– The state and prospects of development of the pig and meat industry in Ukraine during the war and after its end
– Implementation of the concept “New Pig Production of Ukraine”, its impact on the country’s food security and benefits of the industries from its implementation
– Ukraine without ASF – all about the eradication of ASF through vaccine prevention
– Investment opportunities for grain producers, new and existing pig farms, and related industries
– The lowest cost of Ukrainian pigs in the world now and forever
– Effective technologies in pig breeding and meat industry
– “Road map” for creating your own enterprise in pig breeding
– Presentation of a social project that will help war veterans to start a successful business in pig production
– Where and under what conditions to attract financing, grants, support for producers and processors
– Sales and domestic trade, cooperation with national networks, own retail
– Sales and foreign trade, who can export, where and how to organize meat exports

The meat industry and pig farming are now set to become the real drivers of our economy, and the tandem with retail and related industries will definitely lead Ukraine’s economy to prosperity. Join us!

Forum “Grain. Pigs. Meat-2024” will be held on June 12, 2024 in Kyiv, Kyiv Golf Center (20 Obolonska Embankment, Kyiv).
Forum organizers: Association of Meat Industry and Center for Efficiency in Livestock Production.

Business forum program and registration by the link:

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Tashkent hosted III International Investment Forum with participation of representatives of Ukraine

The III International Investment Forum (IIIF) successfully completed its work in Uzbekistan.  The event gathered more than 2.5 thousand participants from 93 countries, providing a platform for global dialog and exchange of best practices in the investment sphere.

One of the key events of the forum was the presentation of regional energy projects (construction of Kambarata HPP-1 and Javan HPP) to foreign investors.  The presentation was held with the participation of the Prime Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, which emphasized the importance of these projects for the entire region.

The forum attracted the attention of international media and was covered by more than 110 foreign publications from 30 countries, including the world’s leading media: “CNN”, “Euronews”, “London Post” and “Associated Press”.

As a result of TMIF, agreements totaling $26.6 billion were signed, which is evidence of Uzbekistan’s high investment attractiveness and the success of the forum.  For comparison, 167 documents worth $11 billion were signed at TMIF in 2022, which demonstrates a significant increase in investment interest in the country.

In particular, agreements were reached on the realization of the following major investment projects:

– “Data Volt” from Saudi Arabia will be engaged in the construction of urban infrastructure in “New Tashkent” for the amount of $1 billion, as well as create a “data center” based on green technologies for the amount of $3 billion.

– Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power is implementing projects to build a 5 GW wind farm in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and create 2 GW of electricity storage capacity for a total of $6.2 billion.

– UAE-based Amea Power will implement a $1.1 billion project to build a 1,000 MW wind farm in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

– Saudi Tabrid will start modernization of the heat supply system in Nukus, Fergana and Kuvasai at a cost of $750 million.

– Egypt’s Nil Shugar will grow sugar beets and produce sugar in Jizzak oblast at a cost of $500 million.

– The Chinese company Shanghai Knud International is implementing a $205 million project to produce textile and garment products in Namangan region.

– The company “Wilmar International” (Singapore) will produce food products and confectionery in Tashkent region to the amount of $200 million dollars.

In addition, the forum reached agreements with a number of the world’s largest companies, such as “Orascom Investment” (Egypt), “Bonafarm Grup” (Hungary), “Sayar” (USA), “Goldwind”, “Sinoma” (China), “Sam Yapi” (Turkey), “Pasha Development” (Azerbaijan), “Lasselsberger” (Austria), “Petrosat Chexelsoton” (Iran) on realization of new investment projects worth $6.6 billion.

The event included a rich program of panel sessions, discussions, business breakfasts and round tables where the most important aspects of economic development were discussed. The central topic was the role of the government, investors and entrepreneurs in supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

At the session devoted to anti-corruption, experts emphasized that the effective fight against corruption and crime in the economy is a key factor for improving the investment climate. They noted that creating a safe and transparent business environment plays an important role in this process.

“A successful fight against corruption requires a comprehensive approach that includes strengthening legislation and increasing transparency of government actions,” said Akmal Burkhanov, director of the Agency for Countering Corruption of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The session devoted to retail trade outlined the main challenges and opportunities for the industry. The participants expressed their opinion on the need to improve tax legislation and simplify import procedures. They also noted that it is important to create conditions for successful adaptation of new brands on the market.

“Thanks to the decree on the reduction of customs duties, we managed to set fair prices like in the UK and Kazakhstan,” shared Ilya Lyapustin, Sales and Marketing Director of Tashkent City Mall.

The business breakfast dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship emphasized the significant impact of businesswomen on society. Speakers presented inspiring examples and strategies for striking a balance between profitability and social responsibility.
The focus was on attracting foreign investment through residence permit programs.

“Over the past few years, Uzbekistan has established itself as an attractive destination for global investors due to its openness to cooperation and prospects in the real estate sector,” said Akram Mukhamatkulov of Henley&Partners.

The roundtable “Supply Chains and Sustainability: finding a balance in the face of uncertainty” discussed the challenges and strategies to ensure the sustainability of global supply chains.

“Turkey and Uzbekistan have a strategic partnership, and we can significantly strengthen cooperation by working together,” said Turkish Deputy Trade Minister Sezay Ucarmak.

The experts also emphasized the importance of integrating digital technologies into investment strategies. They noted that digitalization is not the future, but already today, and plays a key role in accelerating investment processes and increasing transparency.

At the pitch session “IT-PARK Uzbekistan: New Development Prospects”, plans to turn Uzbekistan into a regional center of information technologies by 2030 were presented.

Sherzod Shermatov, Minister of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan, spoke about the significance of recent investments. “Yesterday we witnessed an important event – the start of construction of the $5 billion Data Volt green data center, which is a major foreign direct investment project. We are creating a favorable environment for IT companies and launching a Zero Risk program to cover all risks associated with opening and running offices in Uzbekistan,” he said.

At the round table “Connections: Revival of the Great Silk Road”, international experts and representatives of state bodies explored opportunities to expand ties, economic cooperation and cultural exchange along the ancient routes of the Silk Road.

At the roundtable “Integrated Urban Planning: Quality Investments, Comfort for Environment and People”, leading urbanists, architects and representatives of the business community discussed approaches to the development of the city of Tashkent. In particular, BCG Managing Director and Senior Partner Vladislav Butenko emphasized the importance of integrating innovative solutions into urban planning to achieve sustainable urban development. He emphasized that both economic and social aspects should be taken into account in integrated planning, ensuring a balance between them.

The Forum has played an important role in attracting investments for various ministries and regions of Uzbekistan. The agreements signed demonstrate the development of key sectors such as industry, energy, pharmaceuticals and automobile manufacturing.

One of the main achievements of the forum was the agreement between the Ministry of Digital Technologies, the Ministry of Energy and IT company Data Volt on the construction of a data center based on “green” technologies. Experts noted the importance of such projects for Uzbekistan. Minister of Investment, Industry and Trade Laziz Kudratov and Data Volt director Rajit Nanda took part in the signing ceremony.

The III International Investment Forum in Tashkent has come to an end, but the planned initiatives and signed agreements promise active work on attracting investments and ensuring sustainable development. Uzbekistan has reaffirmed its role as a strategic partner in the international arena, attracting the attention of global investors and contributing to the economic growth of the region.

The forum was also attended by representatives of Ukraine, including pharmaceutical business and agro-industrial complex.

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Forum on Ukraine’s recovery opens in Turkey

The Forum for the Reconstruction of Ukraine is taking place in Istanbul. It began with a meeting between Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat and Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloglu and Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov.

“We held fruitful meetings with Omer Bolat and Abdulkadir Uraloglu, who organized the Ukraine Reconstruction Forum, an initiative that promotes cooperation in the recovery and development of the affected regions. This demonstrates a strong commitment,” Kubrakov wrote on social network X.

He noted that the forum will help increase the trade potential of the countries, expand logistics and foreign economic relations.

“We have a common goal: The Black Sea should become a zone of cooperation, trade and economic growth. It is important to attract private investment in infrastructure rehabilitation. This year, projects aimed at restoring energy, housing, critical and social infrastructure are prioritized,” Kubrakov said.

The Turkish Minister of Trade, for his part, emphasized that the experience gained from successful projects implemented by Turkish contractors in different regions of the world to date will become a cornerstone of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“In addition, together with Kubrakov, we have made important assessments of increasing the volume of mutual trade and strengthening economic relations between the two countries,” he wrote in X.

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Wines, Tastes and Traditions: VIIІ International Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers

On November 19, 2023, the VIII International Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers was held in Kyiv, at the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel (2A Velyka Zhytomyrska St.), within the framework of which the following events took place:

– The jubilee XX All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition “Master Sommelier – 2022-2023”,

– VII All-Ukrainian Cavist Competition “Best Cavist of Ukraine – 2022-2023”,

– Round table of winemakers and sommeliers as part of the Winemakers’ Dinner,

– Open tastings and presentations of wines, spirits, cheeses and other products for all guests of the events.

Organizers of professional events:

– Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers,

– Association of Cavists of Ukraine,

– The first in Ukraine Master Class Sommelier School.

General Partner – TM “Vinos dela Luz”

Partners: TM Big Wines, SV plus, Poli1898, Delamain, AELRED, Eyguebelle, ACHA, Purity, Zinka,, Cigar House Fortuna, Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism, InterContinental Kyiv Hotel.

Ambassadors of several countries, MPs, the Chairman of the Trade Unions of Ukraine, heads of alcoholic beverage importers, restaurant managers, sommeliers, winemakers, heads of wine companies and wine boutiques, representatives of business structures, media and TV, wine connoisseurs and lovers attended the events.

The Forum opened with a minute of silence in honor of the deceased wine industry professionals who had previously participated in the Forum as participants and jury members.

Then, the anthem of Ukraine was performed live by a young singer Severina.

The professional jury was headed by Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, owner of the international wine holding VINOS DELA LUZ. For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Nunez has been heading the jury and the Forum of Winemakers and Sommeliers of Ukraine.

Members of the professional jury:

– Natalia Blagopoluchna – President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Winemakers and Sommeliers, head of the First Sommelier School in Ukraine “Master Class”
– Oleksandr Sharay – sommelier, commercial director of SV+ company
– Yegor Bilov – sommelier of the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel, winner of the All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition 2018
– Oleg Kravchenko – co-owner of Winbar, “Best Sommelier of Ukraine – 2011”
– Olga Girman – sommelier, winner of the All-Ukrainian Sommelier Competition 2021
– Dmytro Gurinchyk – national manager of the Cigar House “Fortuna”
– Irina Kovaleva, Director of the Tairov National Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking.
In the Final of the Contest, the participants competed in different rounds:: “Presentation and decanting of wine”, “Enogastronomy” (real serving of dishes from the chef of the restaurant Ruslan Morozyuk), “Cheese and wine”, “Blind tasting”, “Mixology”, “Cigar Tour”, etc.

In some of the tours, the participants communicated exclusively in English.

After the end of the competitions and the final work of the professional jury, the places were determined as follows:

“XX Anniversary Sommelier Competition 2022-2023”:

1st place – Svyatoslav Klymchuk (Kyiv, Bigoli restaurant)

2nd place – Igor Postoyankin (Kyiv, Catch restaurant)

3rd place – Natalia Sokolovska (Kyiv, DDS company)

“VII All-Ukrainian Cavist Competition 2022-2023”:

1st place – Vasyl Chuchman (Ivano-Frankivsk, Winetime wine boutique)

2nd place – Yevhen Boyko (Kyiv, Winetime wine boutique)

3rd place – Yevhen Brodyuk (Kyiv, Winetime wine boutique)

All finalists received Diplomas and gifts from the Partners, and the Winners received personalized cups.

The Chairman of the Jury Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez congratulated the Organizers and Finalists, thanked the Armed Forces of Ukraine and wished to hold the next Winemakers and Sommeliers Forum in peaceful Ukraine.

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