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Georgia exported around 60 million bottles of wine from grapes (0.75-liter bottles) in January-September 2018, 13% more than in 2017, the Agriculture Ministry’s National Wine Agency reported. Georgia exported wine to 53 countries in 9M 2018, up from 45 in the same period last year. Revenue from the exports rose 22% to $142 million. Russia was the leading importer of Georgian wine in the period, boosting imports 11.5% to 37.065 million bottles or 61.8% of the total.
Other major importers included Ukraine – 6.747 million bottles (11.2% of the total), China – 4.822 million (8%), Kazakhstan – 2.658 million (4.4%) and Poland 2.466 million (4.1%).
Georgia also exported 13.5 million bottles of brandy (0.5-liter bottles), 19% more than in 9M 2017, to 22 countries. Revenue rose 10% to $27.6 million.
Overall exports of wine, brandy and other products – chacha, other alcoholic beverages, wine materials and brandy spirits – were worth $222.7 million, 15% more.
Georgia exported 76.7 million bottles of grape wine in 2017, a 50% increase on the previous year. Exports to Russia were up 76% to 47.779 million bottles, accounting for 62.3% of exports. Russia banned imports of Georgian wine in 2006 due to quality complaints. Exports of Georgian wine to Russia were resumed in June 2013.