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DIM Group of Companies announced beginning of strategic partnership with Globus Bank

DIM Group of Companies announced the beginning of strategic partnership with Globus Bank, obtaining bank accreditation and introducing a joint mortgage program for the capital’s residential complex A136, the developer’s press service reported.

“DIM Group has expanded opportunities for investors because of bank mortgages in the business class segment. Now, the bank-partner “Globus” offers clients to take advantage of a mortgage loan for up to 20 years for the purchase of apartments, penthouses, apartments in A136 Highlight Tower on Antonovicha Street. Bank mortgage is a convenient and reliable mechanism for investments, leveling the risks associated with the martial law in the country” – says the managing partner of DIM Alexander Nasikovsky.

A136 Highlight Tower (Antonovicha Street, 136-138) is a business class project, a 33-storey building with a total of 324 apartments, with a closed territory and underground parking. The declared commissioning date is Q4 2024. At the moment, according to the portal LUN, the price – from 94.05 thousand UAH/sq.m.

DIM in partnership with Globus Bank offers clients a range of new opportunities to invest in  real estate . One of the key services is offering commercial loans for individual investors for up to 20 years and fixing the value in UAH.

DIM Group was founded in 2014 and consists of six companies covering all stages of construction . To date, it has commissioned 12 houses in six residential complexes with a total residential area of more than 218 thousand sq. m. Six residential complexes of “comfort +” and “business class” category are under construction: “New Autograph”, “Metropolis”, Park Lake City, Lucky Land, A136 Highlight Tower, Olegiv Podil.

Globus Bank was registered in 2007. According to the NBU, as of April 11, 2023 the shareholders of the bank were Elena Silnyagina (100%), Dmytro Polkovsky (16.198866%), Eugene Varyagin (9.899307%), Sergey Mamedov (9.899307%), Andrey Pinchuk (9.899307%) and Taras Lesovy (3.599748%), owning the authorized capital indirectly.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine as of September 1, 2023, Globus ranked 24th (UAH 9.07 billion) among 60 banks operating in the country in terms of total assets.


Demand for car loans may increase by 15-20% – Globus Bank

The volume of car loans may increase by at least 15-20% this year, according to Serhiy Kyporenko, Head of Car Lending at Globus Bank (Kyiv).

“With some caution, we can expect that in 2024 the terms of car purchases will become even more loyal to the borrower, and the number of cars purchased on credit may increase accordingly,” he said in a press release.

Kyporenko emphasized that further growth in car lending will largely depend on the economic situation, which will primarily affect the ability of banks to raise funds for the development of loan products.

According to him, the reduction of the discount rate last year from 25% to 15% per annum had a positive impact on the bank credit market, which resulted in a significant easing of car loan conditions, with car loan rates, depending on the maturity, down payment and total cost of the car, falling by an average of 2-3 percentage points to 10% per annum.

“That is why since the second half of 2023, and especially in the fourth quarter, the number of cars purchased on credit has increased by almost 30% compared to the beginning of the year,” Kyporenko said.

According to the bank, the role of cooperation between commercial banks and car dealers has significantly increased in the market, which has introduced a number of flexible programs that allow a citizen to obtain a loan depending on his or her income: for a longer period of up to seven years for new cars and 10-12 years for used cars with a minimum down payment of 10% of the car’s value.

It is noted that favorable conditions under trade-in programs have become an important change for buyer-borrowers.

Kiporenko, referring to data from the AUTO-Consulting portal, said that at the end of 2023, the number of cars purchased, including on credit, exceeded 65 thousand, which, in turn, is 62% higher than in 2022.

He said that the overall structure of demand has not changed much over the past year.

“Thus, about 25% of all car loans were issued for electric cars and hybrid cars worth $30-45 thousand, more than 20% of car loans are for premium cars priced at $80 thousand, about 15% of loans were issued for the purchase of cars priced at $18-20 thousand,” the release cites lending statistics.

“In 2024, the ratio of the number of new cars purchased on credit may change slightly: due to the entry of new players into the market, an increase in the number of loan offers with more loyal and flexible credit conditions, which allow more citizens to become owners of new cars, the share of cars priced at $18-20 thousand may increase to 20-25%,” the expert predicts.

The expert also expects an increase in demand for electric cars due to the large number of dealers. He clarified that now in Ukraine the choice of such cars is quite wide, while the vast majority of them consist of new cars imported from China.

The banker believes that in 2024, the most popular car brands will be those that provide customers with variability and flexibility in terms of car purchases, including joint programs between banks and car dealers. In his opinion, an important role is also played by a wide range of models for different financial capabilities, an extensive network of certified car service centers, quality characteristics of the car that are comparable to its price, and the possibility of selling the car in 3-5 years while maintaining up to 40-50% of its original value.



Alfa-Bank and Globus Bank (both Kyiv-based) made agreements with the government of the Republic of Belarus on providing Ukrainian entrepreneurs with loans for the purchase of Belarusian goods on preferential terms using the resources of the latter, the press services of the banks said.
“According to the terms of the program, Alfa-Bank Ukraine will receive compensation for loan interest for the purchase of Belarusian machinery for a period of up to five years in the amount of two thirds of the National Bank of Ukraine discount rate, valid on the date when the loan is issued,” Alfa-Bank said on its website.
Under the preferential loan program, Ukrainians will be able to purchase Belarusian machinery, in particular agricultural, automotive and road-construction.
The compensation is provided under the agreement and decree No. 466 on some measures for the sale of goods produced in the Republic of Belarus of the president of Belarus dated September 24, 2009.
According to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), at the beginning of 2020, the largest shareholders of Alfa-Bank were indirectly Mykhailo Fridman (31.483767%), German Khan (20.085856%), Oleksiy Kuzmichov (15.638704%), Petr Aven (11.881235%) and UniCredit SpA (Italy, 9.484448%).
Bank Globus was registered in 2007. Its major participants as of January 1, 2019 were Olena Sylniahina and Dmytro Polkovsky indirectly through Ukrainian Media Technologies LLC (100%).