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On January 31, this year, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture hosted a ceremony of signing a landmark memorandum of cooperation between the International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA) headed by Artem Honcharenko, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture led by rector Petro Kulikov, and the State Fund for Youth Housing run by Serhiy Komnatnyi and I-Dolina headed by Chairman of the Board Alexander Teplyuk.

This document defines cooperation in the following areas:
– implementation of priority tasks for Ukrainian education and civil society;
– conducting joint events (seminars, pieces of training, lectures, conferences, etc.) and outreach;
– development and implementation of training and information programs and courses, various projects aimed at improving education;
– digitalization of educational processes in the field of construction and implementation of new information technologies;
– development and implementation of joint programs for the development and support of the creative industry.
Today, in science, education, manufacturing, trade, etc., global changes are taking place, which modern society cannot abandon, seeking to reap the maximum benefits from existing technologies and innovations.
Digitalization has become a mandatory tool that allows Ukraine to move alongside leaders in the world economy.
Ignorance and inability to use modern information technology, lack of professional staff can stop, and after some time, lead to the decline of the country’s economy.
According to experts, by 2030, the global professional imbalance will exceed 1.4 billion people, and, accordingly, the losses of the world economy will reach 5 trillion dollars.
Therefore, the creation of the latest programs on the development of innovative educational resources will provide an opportunity not only not to prevent losing existing potential but to become a global leader in this regard.

It is no secret today that Ukraine is a leader regarding the quality and number of IT specialists, and revenues to the country’s budget from this industry are increasing every year.
Therefore, the coalition of Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, namely its educational base, innovative approaches, and professionals of the International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA), International Creative Center I-Dolina, and the State Fund for Youth Housing, will support several activities to be developed. Projects are designed to provide both Ukraine and other countries with modern personnel in construction and architecture.
“We have previously cooperated with the State Fund for Youth Housing, and from today this cooperation will be even deeper and more valuable for all of us, and especially for the staff of our university,” – rector Petro Kulikov.
In turn, Artem Honcharenko, President of the International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA), drew attention to the possibility of using world experience in government programs to support and attract foreign investors, providing them with favorable conditions. Experts of the association will help develop these areas and increase the number of attracted investments.
Serhiy Oleksandrovych Komnatnyi reaffirmed that the State Fund for Youth Housing is an organization engaged in the practical implementation of housing policy and has all the opportunities to support young people who need state support at the initial stage of their personal and professional development.
International Creative Center I-Dolina is an organization that unites the creative industry of our country, as well as actively supports the practicalization of digitalization in Ukraine; it considers the signing of this memorandum as one of the essential steps to develop support our education new technologies – said Alexander Teplyuk.
In the end, events in the construction field were announced, which will take place on February 10 this year. The Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture will host International Conference Construction, Innovation, Technology, Investment.



On November 4, 2021, a unique, in the context of Ukraine, event took place at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, dedicated to the creation of a new and unified platform I-Dolina, which is designed to unite the creative industry of our state.
The event was organized by the International Technology Transfer Association represented by its head Artem Honcharenko.
Special attention was drawn to its speakers, namely:
– Oleh Sytnyk – representative of the Information Committee of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce;
– Ge Jian, Chief Representative of G-Global International Secretariat in China;
– Rostyslav Nakonechny – deputy chairman of the board of IBOX Bank;
– Nadiya Vasilyeva – director of the Digital Transformation Institute, Ph.D. in Economics, ex-CEO of Microsoft Ukraine;
– Andriy Zavadovsky – Principal Engineer, Office of CTO Security at Cisco;
– Svitlana Oleinykova – fundraising expert, managing partner of Synergy Universe group of companies – the first fundraising ecosystem in Ukraine;
– Den Tolmor – producer and writer, Oscar and Emmy nominations;
– Dmytro Kolesnikov – chairman of ARMA Ukraine, founder of UNI.UA;
– Iryna Polischuk – director of Kyiv Junior Academy of Sciences of student youth, candidate of chemical sciences;
– Oleksandr Pavlov – chairman of the board of the Ukraine-Israel Business Council;
– Oleksandr Tepliuk – member of the supervisory board of the International Technology Transfer Association.
Each speaker is not just a specialist in his field, but first of all a person who helps move and develop the creative industry, both in Ukraine and abroad.
Today in Ukraine there are already more than 200,000 specialists directly or indirectly related to the IT industry, and also, as Artem Honcharenko specified, more than a million people are involved in the entire creative industry, which is a huge number in the context of our country.
The IT cluster of specialists, already occupying its niche in the economy of our country, accounts for more than 4% of the GDP, and brings billions of dollars in revenues. However, at the state level there is little legislative and infrastructural support.
And therefore, self-organization, the creation of a single, independent platform can become a new driving mechanism that will accelerate the process of formation and development of the entire creative community of our state.
Each speaker expressed not only his vision of the future of this industry, but also supported the initiative to create a platform as a new unique tool.
Grant support, support for startups, copyrights, cooperation with foreign enterprises and organizations, as well as the creation of infrastructure facilities are just part of what the residents of the I-Dolina platform can soon receive.
Already this year, according to Artem Honcharenko, the founder of I-Dolina, for the first time in Ukraine, a competition will be held among developers, architects and building educational institutions for the Best Developer for the Creative Industry, the Best Architectural Project for the Creative Industry and the Best Educational Institution for the Creative Industry.
Next year, a joint event is planned with the Junior Academy of Sciences, where issues of monetization of science based on the new I-Dolina platform will be discussed, which will provide an additional incentive for young scientists and inventors.
A special place on the I-Dolina platform is given to cooperation with the educational institutions with which memorandums of cooperation have already been signed, namely Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ternopil Puluj National Technical University, etc.
Also, agreements and memorandums will be signed with international companies and organizations, which will allow the development of the creative industry on the territory of the country, creating the best infrastructure facilities and conditions to stop the huge outflow of personnel from the country.
This measure, according to the participants and organizers, to create I-Dolina will be the first significant step, not only to unite representatives of the creative industry, but also to shape the industry as one of the most influential economic players, which is already influencing the formation of the future of Ukraine.
Particular thanks go to the speakers from the United States, Israel and China, who have already expressed their desire to cooperate on many projects. These countries are not only leaders in the development of technologies, but those who set them as the basis for the future of their countries.

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