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According to the standards of higher education in Ukraine, lecturers should systematize students’ knowledge and develop their ability to apply acquired skills in daily healthcare routine.

It is proven that primary medical education is based on practice-oriented learning. The process of practice-oriented training is impossible without state-of-the-art technologies.

International European University does its best to make students acquire vast knowledge and undergo practical training at Ukraine’s brilliant doctors.

Valikhnovski Surgery Institute is one of Ukraine’s leading medical facilities with the 20-year history. Professional surgical achievements of Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi, the founder of the Institute, are known and recognized both in Ukraine and abroad.


By the way, Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi is an Honorary Professor of International European University.

His clients include presidents, civil servants, MPs, athletes and other celebrities, particularly the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and operatic tenor Volodymyr Hryshko. Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi managed over 250,000 patients from 27 countries and performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries. He carried out the most complicated and unique operations personally.

The new project for students and future applicants of European Medical School is released along with the press service of International European University led by press secretary Olha Levkun.

“Over the whole period of cooperation with International European University, we have been holding the first position in terms of training and directing our talented students to contemporary evidence-based surgical medicine,” Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi stressed.

The episode was shot in the doctor’s surgery room.

Watch the video materials.

Top 5 tips on choosing IEU’s European Medical School by Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi.

10 advantages of studying at IEU’s European Medical School by Rostyslav Valikhnovskyi.

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On December 9, Kyiv-based Pochayna Event Hall hosted the annual International charitable event – the Parade of Nations 2021. It is aimed at helping children with psychophysical and mental disabilities.

The charitable event included a concert program. It involved 41 countries with artistic performances: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, the UK, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, China, Kirgizstan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, the UAE, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia.

Each country represented its state flag, national clothes and creative performance.

Charity gradually becomes one of the key trends of our times: the more people join it, the better the world becomes for everyone.

International European University supports this trend and promotes friendship between our nations for peace and prosperity.

This year, International European University was represented by:

  • Franz Volodymyr von Habsburg-Lothringen, the President of International European University
  • Alla Navolokina, the First vice-rector
  • Oleksii Kulikov, the Vice-rector for educational and scientific work and strategic development
  • Maksym Zhytar, the Adviser to the First vice-rector

Alla Navolokina, the First vice-rector of International European University, delivered a welcome speech on the stage of the Parade of Nations:

“Ladies and Gentlemen! I am glad to address you on behalf of International European University. Our team is like a family, a part of which is on this stage. We are young, creative and European-centered. Our educational programs are based on European standards. We realize that we are training ambassadors of Ukraine. Our university teaches students from 92 countries in 7 faculties. Therefore, we encourage the humanity and charity among them,” Ms. Alla said.

Franz Volodymyr von Habsburg-Lothringen, the President of International European University, expressed his gratitude to the organizers and provided winners of the charitable lottery with gifts.

“There is nothing like realizing that we save somebody’s life and encourage others to do the same. Together we are a great uniting power that draws society’s attention to crucial issues and helps find their solution,” Mr. Franz Volodymyr stated.

The Parade of Nations 2021 engaged the following countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, the UK, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, China, Kirgizstan, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany, the UAE, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia.

The event was moderated by Mykyta Dobrynin and Dariia Kvitkova.

Organizer: Fashion of Diplomacy

The event was supported by:

• the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;

• the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine;

• The International feminist movement for family values.

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Public representatives, together with students, lecturers and the administration of International European University, planted about 900 pine trees at Holosiivskyi National Natural Park.
The organizers called this event #хвойна_туса (pine meet-up), which was supported by the Silpo supermarket chain and initiated by SD Platform NGO.
Our journalists talked to Kateryna Davydkova, the coordinator of environmental matters at SD Platform NGO, about the idea and further plans.

“I try to extensively involve the university community in ecologically vital initiatives. The idea originated from the importance to enrich our country with trees. It’s painful to watch mass deforestation and wood sales. By the way, coniferous forests destroy bacteria in our air and clean our lungs, especially after COVID-19. The #хвойна_туса initiative took place in Vinnytsia and twice in Kyiv. Our International European University regularly joins eco-initiatives and supports the environmental consciousness of young people. In general, around 900 pine trees were planted at Holosiivskyi National Natural Park. Forest officers held a workshop on the proper technique of tree planting and maintenance. Our lungs were filled with useful coniferous air. We believe that our pine trees will also produce phytoncides in a year, which are quite beneficial to human health,” Kateryna said.
It is a great pleasure that International European University promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, as forests are the lungs of our planet, which have suffered a lot this year and which recovery is crucial to each citizen. Taking the responsibility for the planet and its future, being conscious and caring about environmental problems: it’s about the IEU family.
Activists and students are going to plant more trees in the spring.

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Michael Malchieli, the Co-Chair of the Group for Interparliamentary Relations of the Knesset of Israel with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and representatives of the Embassy of Israel, Knesset Member Moshe Arbel and Moshe Reuven Asman, the Chief rabbi of Ukraine, made a working visit to International European University.
During the meeting, participants signed an agreement on joint activities in different areas.

The agreement is aimed at regulating the current position between the University and partners, approving mutual cooperation conditions in the improvement of the educational activities, establishing communications between Israel and Ukraine to exchange cultural and training experience.
“Thank you for inviting me and showing your university. It seems to me that I’ve joined the political activity mistakenly. I’ve been always dreaming about education rather than politics, but the Supreme Being has brought me to the political sector. I don’t regret and try to do good deeds, but I’m extremely happy to get an opportunity to focus on education.

To my mind, your new education institution, which has succeeded within a short time, is similar to a share that initially costs little but suddenly raises and becomes quite expensive and valuable. I believe that, together with such a unique and professional team, we’ll be able to implement a lot of great things. Meanwhile, I would like to invite you to our Ministry of Education. I will personally organize this meeting. I’m sure that this collaborative work will enhance our friendship,” Mr. Malchieli said.
At the grand meeting, Michael Malchieli received the acknowledgement for assistance in higher education development, training of students with an active life attitude and fruitful cooperation with the University.
Joint efforts of the parties will encourage the efficient growth of cultural and scientific relations between Ukraine and Israel within the Program of cooperation in education, culture, youth and sports between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the State of Israel in 2019-2022.

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Viktor Yushchenko visited International European University on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. Students and lecturers had a unique opportunity to talk to the living legend, dip into history and get answers to relevant questions.

Alla Navolokina, a co-founder and vice-rector for educational and scientific work and international relations, introduced the honored guest to the university team, as well as to Franz-Volodymyr von Habsburg-Lothringen, President of International European University, Anatolii Tolstoukhov, the head of the University Development Council, and Mykhailo Polianchych, a member of the University Development Council.

Alla Navolokina stressed that the meeting with Mr. Yushchenko brought together the audience motivated to knowledge required for further professional activities. She also introduced the teaching staff, student population and partners of the university.

As part of his speech, Viktor Yushchenko shared memories of his life journey, stages of professional growth, scientific achievements and plans.

“Education is a key to Ukraine’s prosperity: those who win education win the future,” Mr. Yushchenko said.

The third President of Ukraine told the teaching staff and the young generation about challenges faced by Ukraine at the current development stage.

“Nowadays, your University is a new powerful complex. I believe that great traditions will be continued by a new generation whom I’m addressing today. You’re teaching true citizens of Ukraine,” Viktor Yushchenko stated.

To express acknowledgement, respect and recognition, Alla Navolokina presented author’s painting to the Ex-President. Viktor Yushchenko highly appreciates art. He confessed to taking paints, brushes, canvas and drawing.

“A talented person is all-around talented… These words are referred to an incredible individual and wonderful vice-rector of International European University,” Viktor Yushchenko mentioned.

At the end of the meeting, the honored guest congratulated International European University on the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence and wished prosperity and talented graduates to become worthy representatives of the Ukrainian nation. By the way, International European University can boast solid international relations encouraging the implementation of major projects.

Impressed with a university atmosphere and warm welcome, the third President of Ukraine left unique feedback and author’s drawing in the IEU’s comments book.

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The situation of reservoir pollution is critical in Ukraine!

The Dnieper River is annually contaminated with tons of garbage and emissions from different enterprises. Most people know about this problem but keep throwing away garbage and polluting our wonderful river.
There are a lot of beach areas near the river and waste affects our health. Together we can not only clean the riverfront but also get out trash of the river on canoes in the sports rhythm.

Our journalists talked to the organizers of the action, SD Platform non-governmental organization, and discovered all the details.

“Sometimes we see our Dnieper river through rose-colored spectacles. But putting them off, we can notice how much dirt, plastics and strange things are in the river. We have gathered activists who care about its destiny. We made the Dnieper cleaner on our own,” Kateryna Davydkova, a coordinator of the environmental sector at SD Platform, said.

Plastics, bottles, toys and even stolen stuff are just a brief list of the “treasure” found by activists in the Dnieper. This garbage was left by common vacationers who don’t want to keep the Dnieper clean.

“We found a bag with car and apartment keys, a purse, personal documents and bank cards. Without losing any time, we found the owner of lost things via Facebook and returned them the next day. The things have been in the water for more than a year. Thus, the environmental action is referred not just to reservoir rescue, but also to good deeds like in this case,” Said  Mechkour, a foreign student of International European University, added.

Be eco-friendly conscious! If you like resting near the Dnieper, throw away your trash in a garbage can so that other activists won’t find your “treasure”.

Let’s make our river cleaner by small but progressive steps!

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