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EBRD provides €2.5 mln loan to Kyiv Medical University

The EBRD is lending €2.5 million to Kyiv Medical University (KMU), a private educational institution that provides higher medical, dental and pharmaceutical education to 3,400 students in Ukraine and Poland. The loan will be used to prepare a new campus, which was needed due to the partial relocation of CMU students to Poland after the Russian invasion in 2022.

The project envisages launching new courses and increasing the number of students by 35%. The campus in Poland should also increase CMU’s revenue by 38% this academic year and create more than 200 jobs for doctors and teachers. With the number of foreign students and revenues of medical schools in Ukraine sharply reduced due to the Russian invasion, this will help the CMU ensure reliable provision of educational services until the end of the war.

Supporting the private sector and lending to small and medium-sized businesses is a strategic priority for the EBRD as the largest institutional investor in Ukraine. The history of cooperation with the EBRD began for the CMU in 2018, when the Bank provided a €1.3 million loan to the university to purchase a campus in Kyiv. This loan was fully repaid in April 2023.

Now, CMU, which has acquired two buildings in Katowice and Chorzów for its Ukrainian and international students, plans to repeat the project of launching a new campus, but in another country. To do this, it will be necessary to renovate the acquired buildings and purchase new equipment.

The total cost of the project is €4.1 million, which means that the CMU will cover part of the costs from its own funds.

After the opening of the new campus in Poland, CMU will be able to accommodate more than 2000 Ukrainian and international students, as well as launch new study programs, including physical rehabilitation, clinical psychology, and nursing.

The expansion is a testament to the resilience of Ukrainian business. The opening of the new campus will allow the CMU not only to ensure the safety of students and teachers, but also to maintain the proper quality of educational services, which will help improve health care in Ukraine and abroad in the future.

Since the beginning of the war, the EBRD has lent €4 billion to Ukraine. In addition to supporting the private sector, the Bank’s strategic priorities in the country are to support energy security, critical infrastructure, food security and trade.

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