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Megatex LLC (Konstantynivka, Donetsk region), the manufacturer of batteries from used batteries, has asked President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to help solve the problem of legalizing the purchase of recyclable materials.
“We produce accumulator batteries from used batteries, and now when buying recyclable materials (any), a company engaged in cashing money flows is at the end of some link, while the plants recycling this raw material take the punishment from the tax service and prosecutor’s offices. If this is brought to the legal business, the government will receive UAH 4-5 billion of additional receipts,” Head of the company Yuriy Shapran said during a meeting between the president and business representatives of Khmelnytsky region on Wednesday, June 3.
In his opinion, a solution of this problem could be a tax of 3-4%, which the processor would pay for the supplier of raw materials.
“If buyers of recyclable materials pay a tax of about 3-4% for the supplier, then this money will go to the budget. Today, I can frankly say this, this is the cost of the services of cashing companies and it will be easier for business to work, it will not spend time on all these troubles with the law,” Shapran said.
He said that in this case there will be no avoidance of identifying a supplier, which the EU is opposed to.
“We identify him (the supplier), but we pay this tax for him and then he is free, he is honest. The company paid the tax for him and it will not require any additional taxes afterwards,” Shapran said.
In addition, he considers it necessary to cancel the payment of a 5% import duty on recyclable materials for the production of batteries.
“We import raw materials from abroad, and we have a 5% duty, while there is no any duty on other raw materials. We have very low margin, so it is very difficult,” the head of the company said.
He also said that the company is ready to work, it has prospects and more and more foreign partners (it exports 75% of its products), and it is also ready to increase production volumes.
“There were problems under the previous government authority, namely Vesta plant in Dnipro, where former MP Dzenzersky [Denys Dzenzersky, MP of the seventh convocation] worked completely off the books. They were bankrupt, but they worked and the tax service did not come there, while we were unprofitable for four years,” Shapran said.
“That is, there are two problems, namely, to legalize the purchase of recyclable materials and remove the import duty on raw materials,” he said, providing Zelensky with the prepared materials.
Since 1993, Megatex LLC has been producing various lead alloys and is engaged in the production and maintenance of accumulator batteries, their purchase and recycling.

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