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Ukrposhta resumed delivery from the largest marketplaces and online stores: OLX,, Rozetka,, as well as online clothing stores, in particular, children’s clothing, consumer goods, children’s toys, goods for the home, etc., the company’s press service said on Friday.
“Now many Ukrainians are faced with the fact that it has become a problem to buy ordinary things in a store: due to logistical restrictions, when the store simply cannot deliver products on time, or due to a sharply growing demand due to internal migration, some groups of goods have temporary shortage. Ordering goods on the marketplace can partially solve the problem. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Ukrposhta has resumed the delivery of online orders. Gradually, we will resume delivery from all sites that we worked with before the war, because we understand how important it is for our customers. In addition, the resumption of delivery from marketplaces will allow Ukrainian entrepreneurs to return to work, earn money and strengthen the economy,” Ukrposhta Deputy Director General for Business Development Olena Stepina was quoted as saying.
It is said that as of March 11, some 4,783 branches of Ukrposhta are operating. In addition, mobile departments leave for routes where it is safe.

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Goods flow in marketplaces of the EVO Group in Ukraine (,,, in January-June 2018 totaled UAH 10 billion, which is 52% more than a year ago, the company’s press service has told. The average bill – UAH 893 – almost did not change in a year.
According to and marketplaces, the greatest demand among online purchases is on clothing and footwear, appliances and electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, as well as books, hobby goods and gifts (table games, balloon bouquets, handicraft articles and other things). “The highest number of orders for goods for business and day-to-day items – they grew by 70% compared with the first half of 2017. Household chemistry, pet goods, office items were traditionally bought in convenient stores, now they are bought online. The same thing is with goods for business: instead of finding suppliers at exhibitions, they look for construction equipment, clothing, systems for video surveillance, fire alarms and other items online,” CEO Ivan Portnoi said.
According to EVO, in six months on Ukrainians bought outfits for UAH 169 million (for comparison, for the whole of 2017 – UAH 212 million).
“Interest in second-hand items is growing for two reasons. The first thing is that to buy used things online is beneficial: on average, one thing in the Shafa marketplace costs UAH 240 for customers, and this is often the brand thing in perfect condition. In addition, conscious consumption is developing in the country,” CEO Oleksandr Royenko said.
The main business of EVO is marketplaces. The projects of the group are working in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Goods turnover of marketplaces of the EVO Group in Ukraine (,,, in January-March 2018 totaled UAH 5 billion, which is 36% more than a year ago, the company’s press service has told the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
The number of orders in the first quarter of this year increased one third, while the average receipt did not actually change.
On average, Ukrainians spend UAH 960 for one purchase on, the average receipt on is UAH 678, for buyers it is UAH 257, and the average receipt for is UAH 217.
“Most often Ukrainians buy clothes, equipment and electronics on marketplaces, but the growth pace of these categories are slowing down. EVO analysts said that Ukrainians are more willing to buy food, everyday goods, cosmetics, goods for children, and manufactured goods on the Internet,” the company said.
EVO also said that at the beginning of the year, the demand for goods for construction and repair has traditionally been growing.
In the first quarter of 2018 the number of purchases in the category “food and drink” increased 2.2-fold, to UAH 141 million, in the category “pets and pet products” – by 80.5% to UAH 44.9 million, and in the category “equipment and electronics” – by 72.3% to UAH 743.4 million.
The core business of EVO is marketplaces. The projects of the group are working in the markets of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
In May 2016, the electronic platform was reorganized into a group of companies EVO.
The group implements B2C, B2B, B2G and C2C projects on the Internet. So, within EVO the following projects are developing:,,,,,,,, as well as a platform-participant of the electronic public procurement system of Ukraine