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For first time in soccer match, referee showed white card

The unusual card made its debut during a women’s cup match between Portuguese teams Sporting and Benfica. During the game, one of the fans fainted, and medical personnel from both clubs rushed to his aid. That’s when referee Catarina Campos showed both teams the white card.
The new cards are the opposite of yellow and red: the usual brightly colored cards are used as punishment for infractions, while the white cards reward players for sportsmanship.
Afterwards, fans of both clubs began to applaud, supporting the referee’s decision.
The white cards were part of an initiative of Portugal’s National Plan for Ethics in Sport, adopted to encourage fair play. The initiative was taken over by the Portuguese Football Federation. So far, only in this country have the new cards become commonplace.
The match in which Benfica beat Sporting 5-0 to reach the cup semi-finals was marked not only by the debut of the new card, but also by record attendance for women’s soccer in Portugal. About 15,000 people came to watch the game.

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The city of Kyiv agreed with the proposal of the Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF) (UAF) regarding holding international matches under the auspices of UEFA with partial involvement of fans of up to 30% of the stadium capacity, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration has reported.
According to the relevant excerpts from protocol No. 64 of the meeting of the emergency response team dated October 2, 2020, posted on the administration’s website, subject to strict observance of anti-epidemic requirements and rules, partial attraction of fans to the following matches is allowed:
– October 9 – Kyiv, Obolon Arena stadium – a match of the qualifying round of the European Championship among youth teams between the national teams of Ukraine and Romania;
– October 10 – Kyiv, Olympiysky stadium – the UEFA Nations League match between the national teams of Ukraine and Germany;
– 13 October – Kyiv, Olympiysky stadium – the UEFA Nations League match between the national teams of Ukraine and Spain.

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine has recognized match poker as a sport in Ukraine.
According to Ministry of Youth and Sports order No. 3780 of August 16, which was made available to Interfax-Ukraine, “match poker” is recognized as a sport in Ukraine.
The respective point was entrusted to be included section II of the register of recognized sports in Ukraine, approved by the ministry’s order No. 639 of March 11, 2015.

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