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Some 29,048 flights were performed in the airspace of Ukraine in August 2021, which is 76% of the August volume of pre-crisis 2019 flights, the press service of the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE) reported.
According to it, Ukrainian airlines performed 10,505 flights in August 2021 (10.2% less compared to August 2019), foreign airlines carried out 18,543 flights (30.1% less).
In total, over the past month, 3,516 domestic flights (17.7% more than in the corresponding period of 2019) and 14,595 international flights (12.3% less), as well as 10,937 transit flights (41.2% less) were operated.
“The dynamics of the number of flights in the airspace of Ukraine in 2021: July – 26,952 flights, June – 21,113 flights, May – 16,986 flights, April – 13,661 flights, March – 12,160 flights, February – 8,758 flights, January – 9,842 flights,” UkSATSE reports.
The department explained that the increase in the number of flights in the Ukrainian sky is associated, in particular, with the spread of vaccination in the country and the world, the opening of the borders of foreign countries, the restoration of the confidence of air passengers in travel and the traditional growth in demand for air travel during the tourist season.
“It is important to note the positive dynamics of the intensity of flights in the international airspace, which is under the responsibility of Ukraine, namely in the western part of the Simferopol flight information region, the so-called green zone. In August, 80% more flights were performed on these routes with special flight planning procedures compared to July of this year, and three times more than in June,” head of UkSATSE Andriy Yarmak said.
According to him, this is facilitated by the new air navigation rate for air navigation services, established by the Ministry of Infrastructure from June 1, 2021, as well as proactive work with domestic and international airlines.

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