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Truck queues at Ukraine-EU border reach 40 km – profile associations

Associations uniting motor carriers of Lithuania and seven other European Union (EU) countries are calling for the problem of queues of trucks at the Ukraine-EU border to be solved, the Lithuanian national association of motor carriers Linava has said.
The association estimates that at present there is a queue of over 40 kilometers on the Ukrainian side at one of the border crossings between Romania and Ukraine, over 25 kilometers – on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, and about 15 kilometers – on the Ukrainian-Slovak border.
Linava, together with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and its members, has approached the European Commission (EC) with a proposal to introduce priority border crossing lines for International Road Transport (TIR), which would increase the number of trucks crossing the border into Ukraine by 2 to 3 times.
According to Linava Secretary General Zenon Buivydas, waiting for trucks at the Ukrainian border can take up to several days, which, he says, creates a number of problems for trucking firms and truckers alike.
The appeal to the EC and its President was signed by IRU President Radu Dinescu and Secretary General Umberto de Pretto, as well as Buividas and representatives of carriers from Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Romania and Poland.

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