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Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine and KNUBA handed over new jeep to defenders of Ukraine

On Thursday, July 14, the president of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine Artem Goncharenko, the head of Kontramarka Help Oleksandr Poryadchenko and the rector of KNUBA Petro Kulikov handed over a 4×4 jeep to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, among whom are university employees. This is a contribution to the logistical support of the military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Artem Goncharenko, president of the Reconstruction and Development Fund of Ukraine, noted that only in support is the strength of unity. Colleagues and comrades in the rear should support their brothers at the front. “We are strong together, we in KNUBA are not only rebuilding Ukraine, but also created the International Construction Fund “Ukraine”, which is already starting housing construction projects for “War Heroes”, and today we supported our colleagues by providing them with a car.”

“Choosing a car, looking at a bunch of options, and finding this one, bargaining for it and talking to the owner in Europe, I realized that the former owner really wants a faster victory for our country, he even left the icons. While driving the car to our guys, I thought about the fastest victory and how we at Kontramarka Help can still help, and the feeling of driving was like driving a tank-supercar,” Oleksandr Poryadchenko commented on the gift.

Rector Petro Kulikov made a speech to the military and volunteers: “Each of us is a cog in a big machine that is aimed at victory, everyone tries to help, together we collect and coordinate assistance to the Armed Forces, and not only in the construction direction.”

We believe in our own strength and continue to build our future together. Because we are united by love for Ukraine, unique and unique. And love will win. Yes, right now you may feel that darkness is all around you. But tomorrow the sun will rise again over our peaceful sky.

Press service of KNUBA

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