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Number of enterprises relocated under relocation program is growing in Ukraine

As of July 15, the number of enterprises relocated to safe regions under the relocation program reached 678, while at the end of May there were 601, the Ministry of Economy reported on Saturday.
“Of these, 68% (467 enterprises) have already resumed their work,” the ministry said, which is also 77 more than at the end of May.
According to the Ministry of Economy, a total of 1,732 companies have applied through the digital engagement platform to help with relocation.
Among the enterprises that have already resumed their activities in a new location, the largest share is made up of enterprises in wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles and motorcycles (38.7%), processing industry (33.1%), information and telecommunications (5.9%), professional, scientific and technical activities (5.3%).
Most companies have moved their facilities to Lviv (24.6% of relocated enterprises), Zakarpattia (16.1%) and Chernivtsi (11.4%) regions, the agency said.
As reported, the program to move Ukrainian production from the zone of active hostilities started in mid-March. According to the head of the parliamentary committee on finance, tax and customs policy of Ukraine, Danila Getmantsev, as of March 27, 1,120 applications were received under the evacuation program, of which 368 were transferred for transportation. By this date, the number of displaced enterprises under the evacuation program has reached 89, of which 47 have already resumed work in a new location.
The Ministry of Economy then updated the data as of April 5: the number of applications for relocation increased to 1424, relocated enterprises – up to 178, resumed work – up to 67.
According to the Ministry of Economy on May 12, the number of relocated enterprises increased to 510, resumed work – up to 303, so the topic of relocation and filing applications for it has slowed down recently.

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