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Ukraine to review safeguard duty on imports of roses

The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade (ICIT) has initiated a review of safeguard measures on imports of cut fresh roses to Ukraine, regardless of the country of origin and export, due to the expiration of the measures.

As stated in the decision of the ICIT dated April 12, which came into force on April 17 and was published in the Uryadovy Courier newspaper, Ascania-Flora LLC proposed to extend the special duty on imports of roses to Ukraine introduced three years ago: the duty rate in the first year of its validity was 56%, in the second year – 44.8% and in the third year – 35.84%.

The Ministry of Economy provided the results of consideration of this appeal, according to which the application of safeguard measures had a positive impact on the activities of the domestic producer, but did not fully eliminate the consequences of the damage caused to it.

The ICIT concluded that Ascania-Flora’s application contained sufficient information to indicate that the domestic producer was in the process of adapting to the conditions of competition.

Thus, the ICIT decided to review the safeguard measures on imports of fresh roses (UCG FEA code 0603 11 00) and their exports to Ukraine and entrusted it to the Ministry of Economy.

As reported, the ICMT’s decision of April 16, 2021, to impose a special duty on the import of roses was published in the Uryadovyi Kurier newspaper on April 21 of that year and entered into force 30 days after the date of publication.

According to the State Statistics Service, in January-February of this year, Ukraine imported 470.08 thousand pieces of cut roses, or 20.6 tons, worth $149 thousand. The main supplier of them is Ethiopia – 392.43 thousand pieces for $2103.5 thousand.

In turn, Ukraine exported 72.65 thousand roses worth $50.7 thousand to Lithuania and Moldova in two months.