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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has received an application from Samsung for residency in Diia.City, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.
In addition, according to Fedorov, the Ukrainian IT company MacPaw also applied for residency in Diia.City.
Samsung Electronics is a company that introduces technologies in the world of smartphones, TVs, and home devices. It is a leader in the introduction and commercialization of innovative technologies in the markets of South Korea, the United States and Japan. In Ukraine, the official office was opened in December last year.
MacPaw is a Ukrainian IT company that has been developing software for Apple systems since 2008. It creates applications that make it easy to work on Mac. The most famous products are the CleanMyMac MacBook cleaner, the Gemini photo deletion program, and the alternative appstore Setapp.
Diia.City is a special legal and tax regime for IT, which involves a set of measures to stimulate the development of the high-tech industry.

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has signed a memorandum with Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company.
According to the Facebook page of the ministry, the main goal of cooperation is to make electronic services on the Diia portal and in the Diia mobile application even more accessible and convenient.
“We will work in the direction of digitalization, development of digital technologies, economy, innovation and digital skills of the population. In particular, Samsung and the Ministry of Digital Transformation will jointly popularize the Diia mobile application,” the report says.

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