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“Sumykhimprom” resumes production after long pause

PJSC Sumykhimprom, the only state-owned titanium dioxide producer in Ukraine managed by the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF), has resumed operations after a long pause, according to the industry news agency Infoindustry.

“In the spring of 2024, raw materials were purchased and production of the first products began. The first commercial product, ammonium sulfate, was received this week, on April 21-22, 2024. The goods are already being shipped to customers at a price of UAH 13800 per ton, big bag, from the plant’s warehouse,” the agency said.

According to him, the plant intends to produce nitrogen-phosphorus and complex three-component fertilizers. The manufacturer has already purchased ammonia and sulfur and is in the process of purchasing phosphate rock and potash ores for fertilizer production. The new management of PJSC Sumykhimprom is open to cooperation with distributors and partners to revive the titanium giant, the statement said.

“Sumykhimprom is one of the largest domestic enterprises producing complex mineral fertilizers, titanium dioxide, sulfuric acid and other inorganic chemicals. The company is one of the top three budget-forming enterprises in Sumy and the region and produces more than 30 brands of NPK fertilizers with different nutrient ratios for different soil and climate zones.

For over 10 years, the plant had been managed by a group of companies affiliated with Dmitry Firtash’s Group DF. In November 2023, the Commercial Court of Sumy Region granted the petition of the SPF and the Ministry of Justice and closed the bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings against the state-owned Sumykhimprom.

“Sumykhimprom” launches shops since April

PJSC SUMYKHIMPROM has started the step-by-step restoration after the forced stop of the enterprise activity last year, which lasted almost half a year after shells hit the territory of the plant and damaged some objects.
“We have completed the restoration works, overhauls and in April we will start up the basic shops of the plant. The whole technological cycle will be started,” Vladimir Volkov, the executive director of the plant, said at the meeting of the Union of Chemists of Ukraine.
According to his words it is planned to load in full the workshops on production of mineral fertilizers, pigments and sulfuric acid production.
“Already in April our capacities will be able to produce 20-25 thousand tons of fertilizers per month with step-by-step increase up to 35 thousand tons per month, about 1800 tons of titanium dioxide and 35-40 tons of sulfuric acid per month”, – said the director.
He noted that a significant package of orders has already been formed for the coming months.
“We have to fulfill the production plan to produce more than 200 thousand tons of complex fertilizers within half a year,” Volkov stressed, noting that in-house production allows to reduce the risks of import supplies during the war.
The head of Sumykhimprom specified that the production program of fertilizers is adjusted to the demand of Ukrainian agrarians.
“We will produce the entire classic range of highly effective granulated NPK and NP fertilizers containing all the main nutrients. We can produce fertilizers with specified standard properties in full accordance with customer needs,” Volkov emphasized.
“Sumykhimprom” is one of the largest domestic enterprises producing complex mineral fertilizers, titanium dioxide, sulfuric acid and other types of inorganic chemistry. The enterprise is one of three budget forming enterprises of Sumy and Sumy region and produces more than 30 grades of NPK-fertilizers with different ratios of nutrients for different soil and climate zones.


An ammonia leak at the chemical industry plant PJSC Sumykhimprom occurred due to shelling. One person was injured, the press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine has said.
“On March 21 at 03:55 in Sumy, the territory of Sumykhimprom was shelled. Due to the shelling, one tank with ammonia was damaged. As of 05:00, there was a slight leak of ammonia,” the press service wrote in the Telegram channel on Monday.
As of 7:30 am, rescuers were working to put a bandage on the damaged pipeline.

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