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Alliance Energo Trade LLC (AET, Kyiv) on October 2 and October 8 accepted tankers from Greece and Italy with a cargo of 4,000 tonnes and 3,800 tonnes of bitumen in the port of Mykolaiv, the company has said on Facebook.
By the end of the active construction season, the company expects four more shipments of bitumen from Greece and Italy.
“This is our first experience in the supply of road bitumen by sea. By the end of the active construction season, we expect four more shipments from Greece and Italy. This will provide our partners with high quality bitumen in full,” the company said.
The AET said that in order to receive sea batches of bitumen, investment projects were implemented for the construction of an automobile overpass for loading in the port of Mykolaiv on the territory of the shipyard.
The unloading of the second tanker was attended by about 60 bitumen carriers of the company, which went to road construction sites in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odesa, Zaporizhia, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions.
Alliance Energo Trade was founded in 2012. Its ultimate beneficiary is Roman Adamov. The company operates in the field of international trading, large and small wholesale, delivering from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, as well as through sea terminals.

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