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New manager of Tarantino Family restaurant chain plans to invest in reconstruction of Zhytniy Rynok in Kyiv

Florian Bollen, the new manager of the Tarantino Family restaurant chain, announced his intention to invest in the reconstruction of the Zhytniy Rynok (Zhytniy Market).
A new tenant is working on a reconstruction project in cooperation with Kyiv City State Administration and Zhytniy Rynok municipal enterprise, he said in an interview with Focus.
“The general idea is to make a comfortable public space with a place for Ukrainian producers and farmers, with platforms for public and social initiatives, with quality food at the food court, with comfortable places for trade. A craft brewery will be a highlight. Also in the plans are a cheese factory, a bakery, a children’s zone,” Bollen said.
According to him, reconstruction work can begin next year. At the same time, the businessman did not name the amount of planned investments.
“It is difficult to predict the final estimate amid war. The exchange rate is unstable, the logistics of construction materials is complicated. But I would like to start construction work next year. German Kraft Beer has a good reputation in the financial environment, we have the opportunity to receive affordable loans from European banks,” he emphasized.
Bollen explained that the building is on a long-term lease based on the results of tenders held by Kyiv City State Administration through the ProZorro e-procurement system.
As reported, the Tarantino Family restaurant chain in October 2022 came under the control of Florian Bollen, a German businessman and co-owner of German Kraft Beer craft breweries.

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Ukrainian restaurants Tarantino Family come under control of a businessman from Germany

Florian Bollen, a German businessman and co-owner of craft breweries German Kraft Beer, Tarantino Family restaurant chain is coming under the control of Florian Bollen, the chain’s website says.
“From October 1, 2022, the Tarantino Family will come under the control of the German businessman and co-owner of craft breweries Florian Bollen. The new owner already owns the German Kraft Beer chain in London, plans to invest and develop the restaurant market in Kyiv,” the message says.
Bollen’s LinkedIn indicates that the businessman will take over the restaurant chain.
“The start of work in Kyiv will be a great confirmation of our belief in the victory of the Ukrainians and a good example for European investors,” he commented.
The Tarantino Family network in Kyiv includes restaurants “Rukkola”, “Murakami”, Villa Riviera and others, in total 28 objects. Among the owners of the network is Dmitry Fedotenkov.
As reported, the capital’s law enforcement officers are investigating the criminal activities of the owners of a well-known restaurant chain for the legalization and withdrawal of funds in the Russian Federation. According to the Kyiv prosecutor’s office, citizens of Ukraine – the owners of a large restaurant chain – retained control over the business in the territory of the aggressor country, transferring it to the management of a Russian restaurateur. The name of the network was not called, but later information spread in the media that it was about the Tarantino Family.

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