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On May, 22 and 23 in the «Kyivan Rus Park» the battle Festival «The Call of Heroes» will take place.
The best fighters of Ukraine – multiple world champions in medieval combat – will enter the Big tilting-yard and take part in real medieval battles. The sportsmen – knights in heavy metal armor will fight with real weapons made in accordance with historical models.
These will not be staged fights, but real medieval battles!
The competitions will be held according to the rules of medieval combat, in the format of single fights, «shield-sword» and group fights «5 versus 5».
The co-organizer of the competition is the All-Ukrainian Federation of Medieval Combat.
Also, the guests will be awaited by an interesting entertainment program on historical themes, horse-trick performances, ancient Slavic amusements, flash mobs, master-classes, games, contests and the drawing of gifts.
The culmination of the program will be the evening show program with fire special effects and shooting from a huge medieval missile weapon – trebuchet.
And most importantly, the competition will be held in a unique place – a real, live medieval city – Ancient Kyiv of the Хth century. The guests will see with their own eyes what Kyiv was like a thousand years ago, and how the life of our ancestors really was during the Middle Ages.
The program will pass in compliance with the quarantine measures.
Ancient Kyiv opens at 10:00. The program will start around 13:30.
* The program may change
Ancient Kyiv is located in a 45-minutes` drive from modern Kyiv – Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, the vill. Kopachiv.
You can get by your own car or by public transport. The schedule of route taxis check on the «Obukhivtrans» website or on the «Kyivan Rus Park» website in the «Contacts» section.
The ticket price: a full adult ticket –250 грн., for pensioners and students – 150 грн., for schoolchildren – 100 грн., for preschool children – for free.
Details on the website
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