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Hamburg mayor to meet with Vitaliy Klitschko today

Mayor of Hamburg (Germany) Peter Tschentscher (Peter Tschentscher) has arrived on a visit to Kiev and intends to discuss with the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy Klitschko the issues of cooperation between the cities.

“Today I am communicating with Vitaliy in the Ukrainian capital about support within the framework of our “Pact for Solidarity and Future”. I would like to meet Kiev, express our solidarity and discuss cooperation between our cities,” Cencher wrote on social media X on Monday.

“The people of Ukraine are resisting Russian aggression with courage, perseverance and great strength. Our support must continue until the war is over and reconstruction begins,” the Hamburg mayor added.

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Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko indicated in declaration for 2023 1 million UAH of income

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko indicated 1 million 3 thousand 636 UAH of income in the electronic declaration of property and income for 2023.

In particular, in 2023, the salary of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital amounted to his entire income – 1 003 636 UAH. He also indicated in the declaration 338.5 thousand UAH, $35.8 thousand and EUR3 in bank accounts, 209.4 thousand UAH, $52.2 thousand and EUR68.3 thousand in cash, as well as $150 thousand and EUR2.2 million lent to his brother Volodymyr.

Klitschko owns an apartment (251.8 square meters) in Kiev, he is registered in his brother’s apartment (43.6 square meters) in Kiev, as well as owns a vacation home (785.5 square meters) and uses a land plot (2.5 thousand square meters) in Lyutezh, Kiev region (previously owned by his wife).

The mayor also owns a motorcycle Fine custom Puncher 2009, a trailer Ironhorse Widebody 2013 and a car Land Rover Discovery 2013 (previously owned by his wife), as well as free use of three cars: 2 Toyota Sequoia 2021 and Toyota Sequoia 2014, which are rented by his brother.

He also declared: an antique mantel clock (Jacques Murray & Co), 7 men’s wristwatches (2 IWC, 3 Frank Muller, 2 Mont Blanc) and a grand piano (Yamaha).

Among other things, together with his brother, he owns several trademarks: “Klitschko”, “KLICHKO” and “KLITSCHKO”.

According to the declaration, Klitschko owns the corporate rights of two charitable organizations: “Charitable Foundation “Future Kiev” and “Charitable Foundation “Klitschko Foundation”.

As reported, Klitschko declared 1 million UAH of income for 2019, 518 thousand UAH of income for 2020, 646 thousand UAH of income for 2021 and 907.7 thousand UAH of income for 2022.

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Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has won a lawsuit against the TV Broadcasting Company Studio 1+1, the press service of Kyiv City State Administration has said.
The lawsuit concerned the airing of the program Hroshi (Money) by Olekandr Dubinsky on the 1+1 TV channel. After the release of the program in August 2019, Klitschko and co-plaintiff Dmytro Bilotserkovets filed a lawsuit to protect honor, dignity and business reputation.
“As you remember, then a wide discrediting campaign was launched against me. And I declared that I would defend my honor and dignity in court. Therefore, I filed a lawsuit against the 1+1 TV channel, which threw mud at me. There is no talk of a restriction on freedom of speech,” Klitschko said.
Following the consideration of the lawsuit, the court satisfied it, obliging the 1+1 TV channel to refute the false information on the air of the program Hroshi. The court also ordered the Studio 1+1 to remove the program in which false information was made public from all information resources of the TV company and related social networks.

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has agreed on the dismissal of Head of Kyiv City State Administration Vitali Klitschko.
“We turned to the President’s Office regarding the dismissal of Klitschko,” Honcharuk said at a government meeting on Wednesday.

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Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko is holding negotiations with the owner of the largest theme park in Germany – Europa-park – on attracting investment in the creation of the similar park in the capital of Ukraine, the press service of the mayor has reported.
“We are planning to create a large amusement park and active recreation in the territory of Kyiv’s Hydropark. This is an area of almost 130 hectares, an island not far from the city center. And today we need an investor who will invest funds, experience and ideas in implementing such a large project,” Klitschko said.
Klitschko noted the coziness and stylization of old times in Europa-park and said that such a park must appear in Kyiv.
“Everything is very interesting here: cozy, stylized as an old town with modern attractions, lots of interesting entertainment, and good nature. And for children there are locations not only for entertainment, but also with educational functions. In short, both children and their parents are happy here. I have been dreaming for a long time and I will do everything so that a similar park will appear in Kyiv,” he said.
Europa-park is the largest in Germany and the second most visited amusement park in Europe after Disneyland in Paris. Last year, Europa-park was visited by more than 6,000,000 people. They come here from Germany, France, Switzerland and other countries.



Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko has presented a construction project for a big tourist route in Kyiv downtown, including a pedestrian and cycle bridge across Volodymyrska Hill, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, according to mayor’s press service.
“Preservation of precious world heritage facilities is of major importance for us. This was our main principle during project development. The bridge will create comfortable conditions for Kyiv residents and tourists to visit landmarks of global impact,” Klitschko said.
He added that an advisory mission from UNESCO would visit Kyiv in the latter half of April.
The media earlier reported that the UNESCO World Heritage Committee demanded to suspend the construction of the bridge. However, no relevant document was made public.

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