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Igor Liski plans to build window glass plant in Ukraine

Businessman Igor Liski has announced the construction of a $240 million window glass plant in Kyiv region.

“I can now officially announce our new super-ambitious project, which we have been developing for over a year,” Liski wrote on Facebook.

Liski told The Wall Street Journal that he plans to invest about $80 million in the project. According to him, raising project financing is the main challenge when launching a project.

Liski is the owner of the investment holding EFI Group (Effective Investments). His investment areas include healthcare and medtech, paper, food, and woodworking industries, and agricultural supplies.

The company’s businesses include Feednova, an animal fats and feed additives producer, Medical Star healthcare network, Zhytomyr Cardboard Mill, Sam Ecopack, a cardboard packaging manufacturer, Forest Technology, an agricultural products supplier, Efi Agro, and, an online medical hub.

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