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TAS Insurance Group has concluded more than 2.45 mln insurance contracts, including 43% of MTPL

16 February , 2024  

In 2023, TAS Insurance Group (Kyiv) concluded 2.455 million insurance contracts, of which 1.388 million were for voluntary insurance and 1.067 million were for compulsory insurance, according to the company’s website.

According to the insurer’s reports, 2.284 million of all issued contracts were concluded with individuals and 170.016 thousand with legal entities.

Last year, TAS issued 1.075 million new policies of compulsory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL), which is almost 20% more than the corresponding figure for 2022, and 242.6 thousand voluntary motor third party liability insurance contracts (+38%).

Sales of motor hull insurance also increased by 32%, with 91,130 thousand motor vehicle insurance contracts and 81,977 thousand travel insurance contracts concluded.

In addition, over the past year, the insurer issued 11,680 thousand property insurance contracts “Full Housing Protection” and 356,652 thousand car insurance contracts “Full Auto Protection”, which is 20% higher than the corresponding figure for 2022.

The company also notes that 1.152 million customers have entrusted their insurance coverage to it, which is more than 122 thousand more than in 2022.

TAS Insurance Group was registered in 1998. It is a universal company offering more than 80 types of insurance products in various types of voluntary and compulsory insurance. It has an extensive regional network of 28 regional directorates and branches.

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