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Ukraine exported 4 mln tons of grain in May

24 May , 2024  

As of May 24, Ukraine exported 45.402 mln tonnes of grains and pulses since the beginning of 2023/24 marketing year (MY, September 2023 – August 2024), of which 3.997 mln tonnes were shipped in May, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported, citing the State Customs Service.

According to the report, as of the same date last year, the total shipments amounted to 44.593 mln tons, including 2.707 mln tons in May.

In terms of crops, since the beginning of the current season, 16.949 million tons of wheat have been exported (in May, the figure was 1.163 million tons), 2.363 million tons of barley (161 thousand tons), 1.4 thousand tons of rye (0.2 thousand tons), 25.563 million tons of corn (2.662 million tons).

Total exports of Ukrainian flour as of May 24 are significantly lower than last year’s figure (138.9 thousand tons) and are estimated at 90.9 thousand tons (4.3 thousand tons in May), including 85.9 thousand tons of wheat (3.9 thousand tons).