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Ukraine has turned from salt exporter into importer – statistics

11 July , 2023  

The share of imported salt in the Ukrainian market in January-June 2023 reached 15%, 211.737 thousand tons were purchased on foreign markets for $46.196 million.

According to statistics released by the State Customs Service (SCS), the largest supplier of salt to Ukraine remains Turkey, which provided 32.4% of all salt imports in the first half of 2023 and earned $14.966 million.

Egypt and Romania accounted for 23.3% and 17.7% of shipments, for which these countries earned $10.745 million and $8.174 million, respectively.

A year earlier, the top three importers of Ukrainian salt were Turkey with a market share of 29.8% of supplies, Poland and Romania with 22.8% and 19.8% respectively. Their revenue from its sale amounted to $7.492 million, $5.722 million and $4.969 million, respectively.

The State Customs Service recalls that in 2022, the share of imported salt in the domestic market totaled 15%. On foreign markets Ukraine purchased 438.105 thousand tons of salt for the amount of $92.116 million.

In 2021, the level of imported salt in Ukraine did not exceed 2%, which amounted to 142.813 thousand tons at $12.920 million.

For export in this pre-war year, Ukrainian enterprises supplied 710.041 thousand tons of salt, from the sale of which they received $28.323 million.

In 2022, Ukraine reduced salt exports by 80% to 142.038 thousand tons compared to 2021, with revenues of $3.821mn.

The main buyers of Ukrainian salt in 2021 and 2022 were Poland (import share of 39.1% and 44.4%, respectively), Hungary (27.4% and 27.3%) and Romania (7.3% and 5.1%).

In the first half of 2023, exports of Ukrainian salt amounted to only 149 tons at $32 thousand. It was bought by Romania (93.5% of supplies) and Moldova (3.2%).

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