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Ukraine ranks 28th in world in wine production

29 August , 2023  

Ukraine ranks 28th in the world in wine production according to data for 2022, reported in the center of socio-economic research “CASE Ukraine”.

“We produced as of 2022 660 thousand hectoliters, or 0.26% of the world wine market,” – stated the experts.

According to the report, the first place belongs to Italy with 49.843 million hectoliters, which is 19.3% of total world production, the second – France (45.59 million hectoliters, 17.65%), the third – Spain (35.7 million hectoliters, 13.83%).

The analysts attributed the reasons for Ukraine’s low wine production to the destruction of vineyards in the Soviet Union during the fight against alcoholism, the Russian Federation’s transformation of the wine-growing regions of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions into a frontline zone since the occupation of Crimea in 2014, as well as the absence of a land market until 2020 and the existence of restrictions on land acquisition by legal entities and foreign investors.