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28 January , 2021  

The new team is going to strengthen the educational direction of the contest and expand the circle of its potential participants
NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, the initiator of the contest for journalists PRESSZVANIE, is reshuffling its board. Journalist and blogger Denys Bezliudko will become Chairman of the Management Board. The board will include Chief Editor of the magazines Dengi and Korrespondent Oleksandr Kramarenko, as well as Marketing Director of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency Maksim Urakin.
“The new board of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine includes experienced media managers who have raised more than one generation of journalists. These are professionals for whom freedom of speech and journalistic ethics are integral parts of life. This team is able to provide the PRESSZVANIE contest with new avenues for work meeting the challenge of the times,” ex-head of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine Dmytro Slipenko said.
“I probably went through all the stages, I was a nominee and a winner, participated in the work of the Supervisory Board of the contest and in organizing the work of PRESSZVANIE. The strategic plan is to grow the contest into a permanent media community, a platform for communication, training of journalists and development of the industry as a whole,” Bezliudko said.
“For me, this is a new challenge and an opportunity to repay the debt to the profession, since until now I have not been particularly active in the interests of the professional community in general. What do we do? We will create a platform for passing on the most interesting ideas and visions. We will involve those colleagues whom the old media simply did not notice until recently. Professional ratings are an opportunity for recent debutants to raise their personal capitalization, which is very important for each of the media professionals and for the market as a whole,” Kramarenko said.
“The award will receive more nominations for traditional journalism and the involvement of representatives of the new media – bloggers – in the project. In addition, an educational program, as well as other projects to improve the qualifications of media representatives, will be created under the PRESSZVANIE brand and with the participation of leading industry professionals,” Maksim Urakin said.
PRESSZVANIE is an annual award for journalists and editors that can be received for leadership and professionalism since 2005. The project develops an educational platform and is held under the auspices of NGO Presszvanie Ukraine, which mission is to create conditions for the development of Ukrainian journalism.

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