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Ukrainian winemaking needs state support to enter international markets – Ukrsadvynprom

17 March , 2023  

Ukrainian winemaking needs state support to restore the industry that suffered from war and to promote it on international markets, says Volodymyr Pechko, head of the public union “Ukrsadvinprom”.
“Ukrainian winemaking has been on the verge of survival because of the war. A significant number of territories of Ukrainian vineyards, which are in the south of Ukraine, are mined by the aggressor, their restoration will require significant resources and time. We propose to work out a strategy of development of the winemaking industry and recognize viticulture as a priority branch of development,” he said in his opinion to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
Pechko noted that currently the winemaking industry, which suffered from the actions of the aggressor, is not included in any of the state support programs. Also, the industry does not have an approved development strategy and certain mechanisms of compensation for losses incurred.
However, according to the head of Ukrsadvinprom Ukrainian winemaking has a rather high export potential. His products are in demand on international markets, including due to the unprecedented support of Ukraine in the confrontation with the aggressor.
“We saw that the interest in Ukrainian wine is very high. We are a household name today and we need to win our “place on the shelf”. They want to see and buy Ukrainian wine in Europe, Asia and Africa. To have an effective breakthrough on international markets we need government participation in the promotion of Ukrainian wine,” Pechko said.
The head of “Ukrsadvynprom” reminded that Ukraine has restored the membership in the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV, OIV), which it had been a part of from 1997 to 2008, that opens new prospects for the Ukrainian wine-makers.
OIVW was founded in 2001. The organization became the successor of the International Grape and Wine Bureau, which existed since 1924. Its aims are protection of interests of the wine making industry and creation of favorable market conditions, harmonization and correspondence of analysis methods, struggle against fraud and unfair competition on the market. Ukraine became the 49th member state of IGOV.
Currently, Ukrainian scientists, including representatives of the scientific center “Tairiv Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking” actively work in the IGOV committees. NAAS of Ukraine.
As of February 1, 2022, the total area of vine plantations in Ukraine on all categories of farms amounted to 34.0 thousand hectares, the gross harvest of grapes – 257.5 thousand tons. However, because of the Russian aggression, almost 25% of the area under vineyards are temporarily occupied or are in the war zone.
Total in Ukraine there are 144 wineries, including 29 small producers of wine products.

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