Business news from Ukraine


14 February , 2020  

In January 2020 Ukrainian automobile manufacturers tentatively produced 849 vehicles, which is 5% less year-over-year, the Ukrautoprom association has reported.
The association recalled that Ukraine’s production facilities allow producing more than 30,000 vehicles.
Car assembly in January decreased by 5% to 787 units. As before, all statistics in this segment is formed by the SKD assembly of Skoda cars at the Eurocar plant.
Bus production decreased by 10% to 54 units, and Cherkasy Bus, which produced 30 vehicles (25% less than in January 2018), remains the leader in this segment. Chasiv Yar bus plant (Donetsk region) produced 13 buses, against three in January 2019, Chernihiv Automobile Plant of the Etalon Corporation made ten units against 14 last year and one bus was produced at Zaporizhia Automobile Plant (ZAZ) (four units a year ago).
Last month, only Cherkasy Bus reported on the production of commercial vehicles – eight units (twice as much as in January 2019). AvtoKrAZ still does not provide production data.
According to the statistics of the association, compared to December 2019, the production of vehicles in January 2020 increased by 52%, but only due to an increase in assembly at Eurocar by 82.2%, while the production of buses almost halved and that of commercial vehicles decreased by 54.6%.
As reported, Ukrainian automobile manufacturers in 2019 produced 7,265 vehicles (including 6,254 cars at Eurocar), which is 10% more than in 2018. However, capacity utilization did not exceed 2%.