Business news from Ukraine


5 July , 2022  

A UNESCO technical delegation will visit Kyiv this week, said Assistant Director General of UNESCO for Priority Africa and External Relations Firmin Eduard Matoko.
“We are planning to send a technical mission to Kyiv with the government of Ukraine this week to further assess the needs and expectations of the Ukrainian authorities and determine the forms of our participation. UNESCO expresses its readiness, together with all partners, to provide technical support in our areas of competence and support the plan for the restoration and development of Ukraine “, Matoko said at a conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Lugano on Tuesday.
He noted that UNESCO regularly monitors the impact of the war on cultural sites, damage to educational institutions, and also the safety of journalists and media workers.
“We protect cultural heritage with satellite monitoring and equipment to protect and stabilize objects,” Matoko said.
According to him, UNESCO is also mobilizing support to ensure continuity of learning for all citizens of Ukraine, supporting online learning in and outside Ukraine, as well as the integration of refugees – students and teachers – into host countries.
He added that since the beginning of the war, UNESCO has been able to mobilize about $5 million for agreements with donor countries in these areas.

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