Business news from Ukraine


21 November , 2019  

Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Ukraine Matti Maasikas has said that the European Union will continue supporting Ukraine on the way of reforms and European integration. Tomorrow Ukraine marks the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, which radically changed and reoriented the modern history of the country, he said at a meeting of the Ukrainian government on Wednesday. He said that the Ukrainian people have already paid and continue to pay a high price for the European choice. The country took up this challenge while it is defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty, he said.
For the sake of the values and principles that we share, you can count on the indestructible support of the European Union, Maasikas said.
Speaking about the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, Maasikas said that it is the contractual basis of Ukraine-EU bilateral relations.
He said that among the vital reforms are the fight against corruption, progress in the field of digital technologies, energy, and environmental protection.
“The demand for reforms in these areas will sound louder from your citizens than our requests to fulfill the obligations of the agreement,” the ambassador said.
He also said that since 2014, the EU has mobilized EUR 15 billion in grants and loans to support reforms in Ukraine.
The EU welcomes the government’s intentions to deepen cooperation in the energy and digital space, Maasikas said.

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