Business news from Ukraine


22 April , 2022  

Mining company Ferrexpo with assets in Ukraine in 2021 increased its net profit by 37.1%, to $870.99 million, with revenue growth of 48.1%, to $2 billion 518.23 million, according to the company’s report on the London Stock Exchange in Friday.
According to it, EBITDA profit increased by 67.5% to $1 billion 438.76 million.
The report also notes that the company’s gross debt fell from $266 million to $50 million last year, while its net cash position increased from $4 million to $117 million.
Ferrexpo says its manufacturing assets were not affected by the hostilities after Feb. 24, but shipping has been halted since Feb. 25, with only shipments to Europe currently taking place.
Commenting on the impact of the war on operations and financials, Ferrexpo says it has adjusted its long-term model to reflect lower sales volume caused by a lack of offshore sales to its customers. The expected lower sales volume will have a negative impact on cash flow generation, which in turn will negatively affect the carrying value of the group’s non-current assets in future periods. However, Ferrexpo has so far refrained from making any assessments.
At the same time, Ferrexpo said it had prepared stress tests with more severe adverse changes such as a 3, 6 and 18 month production halt. Under these stress testing scenarios, the impairment loss could increase to between $320 million and $400 million, again depending on circumstances and macroeconomic data that would only be known to the Group at the time of preparation of the interim condensed consolidated financial statements for the six months ended 30 June 2022.