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13 August , 2020  

Five political parties could enter Kyiv City Council if the local elections were held in the near future, according to the results of a survey of electoral sentiments in Kyiv conducted by Active Group in August, which were presented at a press conference hosted by Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.
A total of 16.5% respondents said they were ready to support the Udar Party, 15.3% – Servant of the People, 14.7% – European Solidarity, 7.2% – Opposition Platform – For Life, 5.8% – Palchevsky’s Peremoha (Victory) Party, 4.8% – Batkivschyna Party, 4.3% – Party of Shariy. The rest of political forces would not pass the 4% threshold, including Svoboda with 3.4%, Holos with 2.6% and the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko with 1%.
At the same time, among the citizens, who will go to polling stations and have decided for whom to cast their ballots, 20.1% support Udar, 18.7% – Servant of the People, 17.9% – European Solidarity, 8.8% – Opposition Platform – For Life, 7.1% – Palchevsky’s Peremoha (Victory) Party, 5.8% – Batkivschyna, 5.3% – Party of Shariy, 4.1% – Svoboda, 3.2% – Holos, 2.5% – Yednist (Unity).
The parties Strength and Honor, Ridna Krayina (Native Country) and Liashko’s Radical Party would get 1.9%, 1.6% and 1.2% of votes, respectively.
Some 15.7% respondents have not decided whom to support, and 2.3% said they would not go to polling stations.
The Opposition Platform – For Life party has the highest anti-rating in Kyiv: to the question “Which of the political forces you would never vote for at the election to the city council?” 15.9% respondents named Opposition Platform – For Life. A total of 12.7% would never vote for Servant of the People, 12.3% – for European Solidarity, 11.5% – Udar, 9.1% – for Radical Party, 8.5% – for Party of Shariy, 7.8% – for Batkivschyna.
Some 6.4% of respondents said they would never support Holos, 5.6% – Svoboda, 2.8% – for each Yednist (Unity) and Palchevsky’s Peremoha (Victory) Party.
Strength and Honor would never get votes of 1.6% of respondents, Ridna Krayina (Native Country) – of 1.3%, Democratic Alliance – of 1%, Civil Position and Power of People – of 0.7% each, other parties – of 3%. Some 32.1% said they could not answer the question. A total of 3.8% respondents said they would not go to polling stations.
The poll, which was conducted in Kyiv on August 1-2, 2020, covered 1,204 respondents using the method of individual interviewing. The poll’s margin of error does not exceed 2.8%.

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