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19 April , 2018  

Nibulon plans to start building cargo sea vessels in summer 2018, Director General of Nibulon Olekskiy Vadatursky has said in an interview with the Ports of Ukraine publication. “In March this year, for the first time at our shipyard, building of a dry cargo ship with a length of 100 meters was launched. And in the summer, after the reconstruction of the shipyard facilities, we will be able to build full-sized cargo ships of 140 meter length. We plan to build a specialized marine vessel with deadweight of 10,000 tonnes as a transshipment raid station,” he said.
According to Vadatursky, the vessel will be equipped with two cranes, which can handle up to 20,000 tonnes of grain per day. The deadline for its delivery is July 1, 2019.
“As we build our own marine fleet, we will extend the transport chain from the agricultural producer to the final consumer on the Nile,” he said.
The general director of Nibulon said that for the 12 years since the beginning of the implementation of infrastructure projects, to date, $1.76 billion has been invested, in particular about $100 million over the past year.
Nibulon LLC was established in 1991. It is one of the largest operators in the grain market of the country. It has elevators with a total capacity of about 2 million tonnes, as well as its own transshipment terminal with a capacity of 5 million tonnes in Mykolaiv. Infrastructure ministry mulling three options for financing construction of big orbital road around Kyiv

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