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16 May , 2022  

Ukraine, with the help of Western partners, has managed to significantly increase fuel imports from EU countries, as a result, in May the country will receive 350,000 tonnes of fuel via completely new logistics routes, the Ministry of Economy has said on its website.
“In March-April 2022, measures were introduced that made it possible to increase the daily volume of fuel imports from the EU from 4,000 tonnes to 12,000 tonnes per day,” the ministry said.
Among the measures taken that ensured such growth, the Ministry of Economy named the abolition of entry permits for tankers to deliver fuel to Ukraine, ensuring the ability to receive fuel in the ports of the Danube, adjusting the mechanism for price regulation of the cost of fuel and extraordinary clearance of fuel at the borders by customs and border guards.
“Thanks to this, five times more fuel was delivered to Ukraine by railroad. In March, 35,000 tonnes were delivered, in May we expect 180,000 tonnes. Imports by road increased 15 times – from 5,000 tonnes to 85,000 tonnes. Transportation by river now brings five times more fuel compared to March – from 4,000 to 22,000 tonnes,” First Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko, Minister of Economy, is quoted in the report.
According to the Ministry of Economy, there is also an agreement to start reversing fuel by pipe transport from Hungary: Ukraine received confirmation to import 35,000 tonnes per month, with a potential increase to 50,000 tonnes.
In addition, customs launched a separate green lane for fuel trucks from Poland, which will potentially increase the pass from 110 to 200 trucks per day.
“Today, the entire volume of imports can be directed to domestic consumption. Building up stocks requires more time. For queues and shortages to disappear, fuel supplies at filling stations are required for at least 15 days,” the ministry said.
Among the tasks for the near future, it named obtaining the consent of the EU countries for guaranteed acceptance of tankers with fuel for the Ukrainian market by their ports; the withdrawal of Russian and Belarusian fuel brought before the Russian invasion and now seized, the loading of the pipeline from Hungary with diesel, and the implementation of systemic purchases by NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy.
“According to the updated forecast, consumption of 300,000 tonnes of diesel and 120,000 tonnes of gasoline is expected in May. Such a volume of imports has already been contracted by Ukrainian chains,” the ministry said.
At the same time, Svyrydenko said that attempts to sell fuel at prices above the maximum allowable – UAH 60, UAH 65 and even UAH 70 per liter – will be regarded “as looting.” “The government has given powers to regional military administrations to exercise control over price fixing. We will react harshly to such facts in accordance with wartime requirements,” the first deputy prime minister said.

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