Business news from Ukraine


29 October , 2019  

International companies are interested in concession of Olvia stevedoring company and Kherson maritime merchandise port, and four or five applications have arrived, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Krykliy said on the sidelines of the RE:think Invest in Ukraine forum opened in Mariupol on Tuesday.
“[Investors] are already applying for concession of the Olvia stevedore, Kherson port, although there is time until the end of December. There are already four or five applications [for both stevedore and port], and when we held the conference, we had about 30 participants, and two thirds of them are international companies not from the local market. So, the talks that our [Ukrainian] companies will come and take them into concession have not come true,” he said.
According to Krykliy, some of the companies interested in the concession have already invested in Ukraine and are ready to continue their work in the country.
“Among the companies that have already submitted applications, there are both foreign and Ukrainian investors… There are applications from China, Qatar, Singapore and several more,” the minister said.
As reported, the government announced the start of competitions for pilot concession projects in the port industry on September 12, 2019.

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