Business news from Ukraine


8 November , 2019  

The founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma has said at the Kyiv International Economic Forum that he fell for Ukraine a long time ago and sees a large potential for development.
“Such a wonderful combination like this cannot fail,” he said at the forum, noting the fertile land, open and ready for change people, beautiful women and rich history among Ukraine’s advantages.
The founder of Alibaba said that there are few countries in the world where the president is a trifle over forty, the prime minister is thirtysomething, and some ministers are 28, and this is positive.
Ma said that he would invite his business partners to visit Ukraine.
In his opinion, Ukrainian-Chinese relations should be actively developing.
He also called for changing the situation when AliExpress products go to Ukraine from four to seven days “like in the last century.”
During his visit to Ukraine, Ma met with the president, visited a number of universities and will also be on a visit to the UNIT.City innovation park.

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