Business news from Ukraine


16 April , 2020  

PrJSC Stadsis AB (Sweden), which is a shareholder of PrJSC Mandarin Plaza, a developer of Lavina Mall, Blockbuster Mall and Ocean Mall (all are located in Kyiv), has decided to segregate a new company from the enterprise, PrJSC Parus Invest.
According to the statement of Mandarin Plaza in the information disclosure system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, by the decision of the shareholder dated March 19, Parus Invest was segregated from PrJSC Mandarin Plaza with the transfer of part of the property, rights and obligations to it.
The shares of Mandarin Plaza are converted into the shares of Parus Invest with a ratio of 1:1.
The planned charter capital of new company is UAH 5.9 million.
PrJSC Mandarin Plaza was established in 2000. It is engaged in development activities in the segment of construction and operation of retail and office centers.
The charter capital of PrJSC Mandarin Plaza in April 2020 stood at UAH 21.7 million.

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