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17 September , 2019  

Mykolaiv seaport in January-August 2019 increased cargo handling by 23.78% year-over-year, to 21.263 million tonnes.

According to the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority, over the period port boosted transshipment of exported cargo by 33.1%, to 16.551 million tonnes, and imported cargo – by 5.62%, to 4.055 million tonnes, while coastal cargo handing fell by 2.6%, to 657,200 tonnes. The port did not transship transit cargo in January-August 2019.

Handling of liquid cargo in the Mykolaiv port decreased 5.04%, to 1.755 million tonnes, dry bulk cargo increased 27.88%, to 17.157 million tonnes, packaged – by 22.86%, to 2.351 million tonnes.

As reported, Mykolaiv seaport in 2018 increased cargo handling by 24.09% compared with 2017, to 29.2 million tonnes.

Mykolaiv seaport has an area of 97.3 ha and a water area of 224.5 ha. It is connected to the Black Sea by the Buzko-Dniprovsko-Lymansky canal. The port has 15 berths with a total length of 2.962 km.

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