Business news from Ukraine


18 February , 2019  

Mykolaiv seaport in January 2019 increased cargo handling by 18.84% compared with January 2018, to 2.321 million tonnes.
According to the data of the Ukrainian Sea Ports authority, during this period the port increased the transshipment of exported cargo by 22.69%, to 1.78 million tonnes, imported cargo by 13.95%, to 491,970 tonnes, and coastal freight handling fell by 6.4%, to 47,330 tonnes. The port did not transship transit cargo.
In January 2019, the port cut the transshipment of liquid cargo by 1.12%, to 172,680 tonnes, increased dry bulk freight by 19.8%, to 1.838 million tonnes, packaged ones by 38.27%, to 310,770 tonnes.
As reported, Mykolaiv seaport in 2018 increased cargo handling by 24.09% compared with 2017, to 29.2 million tonnes.

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